• Mayume and Manjeet
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Are you a Lightworker? Join these two crazy-fun Intuitives, Lightworkers and friends, Mayume and Manjeet, as they liven up the air with some powerful topics and enlightening conversations bringing together those who use their intuition as a guide in their everyday life. Whether a teacher, an energy healer, entrepreneur, nuclear technologist or spiritual medium... there is a Lightworker within all of us. Come join us as we come together on this spiritual journey and get INTUIT. Lightworkers, UNITE. #mayumenmanjeet


Show 28: The Darkworker Series, Part 1: What is a Darkworker?
2021 Apr 061h 12m 14s
Ok, this show. This show has Mayume and Manjeet hearing sounds, feeling all kinds of sensations and yes, it got a little creepy... but it's all good sh*t. A must listen as the ladies talk about what it is to be a darkworker and why they believe it's always best to instead-- step into the LIGHT. A great episode to bring awareness and insight to those who are curious or maybe have already dabbled in dark magic, voodoo, curses and spells and living in the low dense frequencies with questionable intentions. Nothing good comes from the shadows... that's where crazy shit hides.
Show 27: Divine Guidance from Spirit: M&M pull some cards for you!
2021 Mar 3124m 49s
Mayume and Manjeet decide to have some fun and provide their listeners with Divine Guidance from Spirit. Pulling 6 cards total, Mayume decided to go with her "Magical Messages from the Fairies " Oracle Deck since we are now finally into Spring with nature, new blossoms and beginnings...and Manjeet goes with her classic "Work Your Light" Oracle cards to bring forth some beautiful insight and guidance. A super fun and "light" episode! Be sure to tune in as no matter when you're listening to this, the card you choose is most definitely meant for you at that time. Cards 1-6.... what's your number?
Show 26: Spiritual Sisterhood
2021 Mar 2453m 18s
We Lightworkers need our friends to support us, challenge us and to lend an ear, a hand and/or a heart as we navigate on this magical spiritual journey! Tune in to this awesome episode as Mayume and Manjeet share what they believe Spiritual Sisterhood means to them, who these Sisters are and when and how they start to show up in your life. We have friends who are with us for a Reason, a Season and a Lifetime... and there's always room for more!
Show 25: Goddesses: Who are they and how to connect with them
2021 Mar 1754m 10s
*Mayume and Manjeet pull Goddess Cards for you at the end of the show! This podcast actually starts smack dab in the middle of a conversation between M&M about a Journaling prompt Manjeet did connecting to a Guardian Angel / Entity that turned out to be an actual Goddess. The conversation continues as they talk about who these Goddesses were, how we can connect to them and bring them in so that we may channel their immense wisdom and strength in todays world. Stay tuned for a Lightworkers, Unite Goddess Gathering coming to a venue near you!
Show 24: How to Manifest Sh#t and Bring Abundance into Your Life
2021 Mar 1043m 25s
Ok Lightworkers, this is the show you need to pay special attention to. In this podcast, Mayume and Manjeet, give you solid tools and a clear step by step path to manifesting abundance in your life. If you're someone that is finding you're constantly broke, alone, stuck in a dead-end job and you just feel unlucky or blocked, then PAY ATTENTION. These ladies are sharing with you the answer to allowing and receiving abundance into your life whether it's a new job, a new relationship or a bank account filled with dollar signs...grab a pen and paper and start taking notes! Per usual, M&M share stories, insight and bring awareness to many enlightening topics with ease and laughter!
Show 23: Angels, Angels, Angels
2021 Mar 0353m 6s
Just about everyone has heard the reference "angels." Well, Mayume and Manjeet really get intuit about what are angels exactly, who are they and how can we work with them. M&M share their beliefs and insights as usual and shed some light on an easy formula to get in touch with the angels, who are always around us waiting to serve.
Show 22: Underneath the Surface: Mermaids and Mermen, are they real?
2021 Feb 2646m 30s
Ok, hold onto your seats and get yourself ready for a really intriguing and zany episode! Mayume and Manjeet discuss one of their favorite topics -- Mermaids! But it's more than that... they get into sightings, skeleton remains and articles written from the 1800s...movies, television shows and documentaries discussing the possibility that there might just be a half human/half fish like species living in the depths of our oceans. Listen in as the ladies take an even broader look at the documented research and add their own thoughts, insights and theories. It's a show that's going to make you stop and think while offering the same usual laughter.
Show 21: What does it mean to be Clairvoyant? PLUS all the other "Clairs"
2021 Feb 1658m 15s
Have you ever heard someone use the term "clairvoyant?" Well, what does that actually mean and how does it pertain to your intuition or psychic ability? In this episode, Mayume and Manjeet go through some of the different "Clairs Senses" that you may or may not have heard of. They provide you with some really cool and valuable info as well as tools to help you with tuning in to the many pathways our senses provide us with. The cool thing is, we are all born with these same senses... which one do you use most with your intuition?
Show 20: Reiki with Featured Guest: Jen Jensen
2021 Feb 0949m 18s
Mayume and Manjeet have their very first Featured Guest! Shining the light on.... Owner and Reiki Master, Jen Jensen. A must listen as Jen shares all her gifts as she wears many hats and talks about being a Lightworker in today's world. With her strong upbringing in metaphysics, (among a million other things), she is able to manage her business with several different modalities in addition to Reiki. In this podcast, she chats with Mayume and Manjeet and shares her upbringing, her influencers and her magical Reiki offerings and stories to bring healing to herself and to the world. Plus listen til the end and hear her most bizarre Lightworker story! An amazing Teacher, Badass Business owner and of course a Lightworker.... Please welcome, Jen Jensen with SoJen Yoga and Energy.  www.sojenyoga.com
Show 19: Mediumship
2021 Feb 0557m 41s
Mayume is in the hot seat while Manjeet inquires about mediumship techniques, integrity, sitters and skeptics and what exactly is the difference between a psychic reading and a reading with mediumship. Tune in to listen as Mayume and Manjeet share their awesome stories and how Spirit shows up in so many ways to provide evidence that they are not dead.