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  • Chelsea M. Williams
16 episodes
Host Chelsea M. Williams, one of the top 100 in Finance, brings real-life struggles and successes around being a woman in business for yourself. Her mission is to lift Ladypreneurs up, inspire them to reach new heights, provide leadership through interviews with other thought leaders, and be a resource for empowerment to women who have taken on the lifestyle of entrepreneurship.


Episode 16: 10 Years to Expertise with Jacqueline Harounian
2021 Apr 0845m 51s
Finding a family lawyer who wants to keep cases out of court isn’t common, but Jacqueline Harounian has made this her goal. As a firm believer in marriage, court cases and divorce are always a Plan B in her practice. On today’s episode, Jacqueline...
Episode 15: The Transformation Business with Dena Lefkowitz
2021 Apr 0147m 18s
Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process of figuring out who you are, what you are good at, and then aligning that with your career. Today we welcome executive coach Dena Lefkowitz onto the show to talk about the steps that you can take...
Episode 14: Done with Self-Doubt with Pamela Deaton
2021 Mar 2532m 17s
For mothers, balancing their personal and professional lives can feel like a whirlwind, with one or the other often being neglected. The result? Mommy guilt and a need for self-love. Today we speak with health insurance agent Pamela Deaton to find out...
Episode 13: 168 Hours Per Week with Wendy Witt
2021 Mar 1138m 37s
How do you want to spend your 168 hours per week? As we discuss with today’s guest, law marketer Wendy Witt, you have the power to design your dream life so that those weekly 168 hours are meaningful both inside of and outside of work. After chatting...
Episode 12: Success is Inevitable with Danya Hunt
2021 Mar 0524m 4s
As we often say on this show, your business will only grow as much as you are willing to grow personally. Thankfully, there are some best practices that can guide us as we grow and achieve our dreams. And Danya Hunt joins us today to share a few of...
Episode 11: Transformational Leadership Part 3 with Regina Huber
2021 Feb 1932m 49s
This is the third of our three podcast episodes with the wonderful Regina Huber, so if you have not yet checked out the first two episodes, make sure to go back and listen to those as soon as possible! This miniseries also serves as a taster of the...
Episode 10: Transformational Leadership Part 2 with Regina Huber
2021 Feb 1526m 10s
Wisdom does not only reside in the mind, half of our intelligence comes from the heart, and ignoring this part of ourselves can severely limit the ability to excel in the world! Joining us again on the show, for the second of three parts, is Regina...
Episode 9: Transformational Leadership Part 1 with Regina Huber
2021 Feb 0920m 17s
Today we have the first of a three-part series with an amazing guest! Regina Huber will be talking to us about her approach to transformational leadership and how her three P's of passion, purpose, and profit, help her clients reach their goals and move...
Episode 8: Position Yourself in 2021
2021 Feb 0829m 42s
Hey, ladypreneurs! As we move into the new year of 2021 and look back at the strange and unsettling time we had in 2020, it is so important to position ourselves for the year ahead. But what exactly does that mean? For one, we need to take note of how...
Episode 7: My Journey Will Unfold with Melissa Shanahan
2021 Jan 3052m 36s
With the pandemic still affecting day to day lives, we can either get caught up in the pain and only see threats in our future, or we can flip the script, double down, and focus on the opportunities provided by change. Having recently given birth just...