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If you are an international student in Australia or plan to study in Australia, we have got your back! This podcast features international students from different backgrounds and sectors. We discuss their journey as an international student in Australia and how they managed to land volunteering opportunities, part-time jobs, full-time jobs etc. Learn more at


E4 - Gardening to Analyst at Deloitte Australia | Deakin University | International student in Australia | Sourodip Chattopadhyay
2020 Dec 2122m 47s
In this video, we have interviewed Sourodip Chattopadhyay. A former international student from Deakin University, Australia.
Volunteering can lead to a part-time job | University of Queensland | Ocean Cheung
2020 Dec 1023m
In this episode, we are interviewing Ocean Cheung, a former international student from the University of Queensland.
Internash Introduction
2020 Dec 1044s
What's up people!
Never settle for less, HUSTLE for more | University of Adelaide | Master of Computing & Innovation | Harnoor Bandhish
2020 Nov 2611m 49s
In our second episode, we want to take you to the University of Adelaide to interview Harnoor.
Swinburne University | Master of Business Information System | Episode 1 | Maulik Desai
2020 Nov 1914m 15s
In this FIrst episode of Internash Podcast, we have interviewed Maulik Desai from Swinburne University. Maulik has done his Masters of Business Information System.
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