Science Lives
  • Peter Coward
18 episodes
Science Lives provides information about lesser-known careers that rely on a science education and scientific way of thinking. Scientists working in these fields tell us about their jobs and the personal journeys that led to them. Science Lives strives to be both informative and inspirational, providing reassurance to those unsure of what their next steps are and where they will lead


Adriana Bankston, Legislative Analyst
2021 Apr 1133m 41s
In this episode, I talk with Adriana Bankston, a Principal Legislative Analyst at the University of California. After earning a PhD in Biochemistry, Cell, and Developmental Biology from Emory University, Adriana started a postdoc, but soon began...
Brian Medlock, Forensic Scientist
2021 Mar 2832m 14s
In this episode, I talk with Brian Medlock, Laboratory Director for the Oregon State Police Forensic Lab in Bend, Oregon.  An undergraduate pre-med biochemistry major, Brian had second thoughts about becoming a doctor during his senior year.  Somewhat...
Cheyla Clark, Genetic Counselor
2021 Mar 1430m 47s
In this episode, I speak with Cheyla Clark, a genetic counselor at a clinic specializing in high-risk pregnancy.  Initially planning to go to medical school, Cheyla changed direction late in her undergraduate program after learning about genetic...
Natasha Wadlington, Medical Writer
2021 Feb 2736m 28s
In the episode, I talk with Natasha Wadlington, Medical Writer for a medical affairs consulting company.  Always passionate about making science accessible for lay audiences, Natasha became a scientist so she could better communicate science to the...
Ohimai Unoje, Business Development
2021 Feb 1435m 54s
In this episode, I talk with Ohimai Unoje, Business Development Manager at a clinical diagnostics company.  After earning a B.S. in Biochemistry, Ohi went to graduate school but quickly discovered that academic science was not for him.  Nevertheless, he...
Adriana Lippy, Medical Illustrator
2021 Jan 3132m 43s
In this episode, I talk with Adriana Lippy, a freelance Medical Illustrator and Animator.  Adriana completed her B.S. in Microbiology from Washington State University, intending to go on to graduate school and a career in research.  Instead, she ended...
Keenan Morrison, Data Scientist
2021 Jan 1734m 12s
In this episode, I talk with Keenan Morrison, Senior Data Scientist at an online real estate marketplace company.  Before getting into the field of data science, Keenan earned a PhD in evolutionary biology and had every intention of following the...
Harinder Singh, Career and Professional Development Director
2020 Dec 2844m 21s
In this episode, I talk with Harinder Singh, Program Director of GPS-STEM, a career and professional development program for graduate students and postdocs at the University of California, Irvine. After growing up in India, Harinder came to the United...
Flojaune Cofer, Epidemiologist and Policy Advocate
2020 Dec 1539m 18s
In this episode, I talk with Flojaune Cofer, Senior Director of Policy for Public Health Advocates, a non-profit focused on improving justice, equity, and health across the state of California.  In her current role, Flojaune oversees PHA’s state policy...
Caitlin Looby, Science Writer and Freelance Editor
2020 Dec 0735m 8s
In this episode, I talk with Caitlin Looby, a science writer and freelance editor, and also a postdoctoral research associate studying soil microbes in cloud forests.  We’ll find out about her current work, and also discuss some of the experiences and...