Peace Church Life Group Leaders
  • Aaron Pierce
19 episodes
This podcast is meant to be a resource to help encourage, equip, and empower life group leaders at Peace Church.


Ep. 19 The Difference Between Life Groups and D Groups
2021 Mar 3013m 50s
In this episode we cover some of the main differences between Life Groups and D Groups to help you understand why both are important and how they can work together to help make disciples.
Ep. 18 Helping People Grow Spiritually
2021 Mar 2414m 50s
In this episode we discuss how you can intentionally use your Life Group to help people grow spiritually.
Ep. 17 The Purpose of Storying
2021 Feb 1711m 48s
In this episode we discuss why we are introducing the Storying method for Life Group discussions and its many benefits.
Ep. 16 Leading Well in the Pandemic
2021 Feb 1015m 6s
In this episode we talk about how to deal with the never-ending changes of leading in a pandemic and how to deal with this season well.
Ep. 15 Practical Ideas for Outreach
2020 Nov 0615m 58s
In this episode we give simple and effective ways you can get your Life Group involved in outreach and living on mission for God.
Ep. 14 Politics and the 2020 Election Pt. 2
2020 Oct 3117m 54s
In this second part we continue our discussion about how to better think about political issues as a group leader and how to deal with it when it comes up in your group meetings.
Ep. 13 Politics and the 2020 Election Pt. 1
2020 Oct 1916m 58s
In this first part of two, we discuss how we as group leaders should think about political issues from a biblical perspective and how that informs how we deal with political discussions and disagreements among group members.
Ep. 12 How to Multiply Your Group Pt. 2
2020 Oct 1415m 49s
In this second part, we discuss specific ways to equip your apprentice leader to plant their own group and then how that planting should take place.
Ep. 11 How To Multiply Your Group Pt. 1
2020 Oct 1013m 22s
In this first part of two, we discuss practical ways to prepare and equip your group to multiply and plant new groups.
Ep. 10 Dealing with Discouragement
2020 Sep 2915m 6s
While leading a Life Group can be very rewarding, it also comes with its challenges and frustrations which can lead to discouragement.  In this episode we seek to give practical tips and encouragement on how to overcome discouragement in leading a Life Group.