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The One Stop Psychology Podcast brings to you a plethora of topics, explored by our in-house experts, related to the world of psychology.


Episode 11: The Efficacy of REBT ft. Shama Shah
2021 Feb 2115m 52s
We're back with the podcast! On Episode 11, Bhasker and Hari welcome Shama Shah to talk about Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, or REBT, and discuss its advantages, challenges and how it's different from other forms of therapy. Follow us on Instagram at @onestop_psychology or visit for everything psychology - webinars, therapists, exam notes, UGC-NET preparation, APA and SPSS guides, books, apps and more!
Episode 10: Let's Talk About Sport Psychology ft. Kaustubh Tambhale
2020 Sep 0922m 5s
Bhasker and Hari welcome Kaustubh Tambhale, a sport psychologist, to the show. The three of them talk about an exciting and growing field in psychology, its scope and its multi-faceted nature, rather than the unidirectional perception we might usually have about sport psychology.
Episode 9: Yoga and Mental Health ft. Naina Uttam
2020 Aug 2924m 43s
One Stop Psychology welcome a very special guest on the podcast today, Naina Uttam! Naina is a yoga practitioner and counseling student who shares her experiences on yoga, how it could help you and the various myths associated with it. She also has some valuable tips to get you started, and keep you motivated so you can incorporate yoga into your lifestyle, so make sure you listen right till the end!
Episode 8: Meditation and Mental Health
2020 Aug 2220m 34s
There are many myths about meditation and many perspectives to it. On today's episode, Hari and Bhasker break down the different types of meditation, how meditation can help people with anxiety and/or other disorders and how you can benefit from it to boost your lifestyle.
Episode 7: Top 5 Ways to Reduce Procrastination
2020 Aug 1322m 20s
This podcast came out a little later than we intended it to. Why? Well, you can listen to find out! After much beating around the bush, Bhasker and Hari talk about what procrastination is, the top five techniques you should know to tackle it and how motivation plays a role in this entire scenario. Follow One Stop Psychology on Instagram at @onestop_psychology and visit the website at for exam material, notes, webinars, therapists and just about anything psychology!
Episode 6: The issue with positive phrases like "Hakuna Matata"
2020 Jul 2917m 43s
Hakuna Matata. What a wonderful phrase. But does it really mean no worries? Our experts dive in to how such phrases like "Hakuna Matata" could potentially be problematic and why you should be aware of it.
Episode 5: COVID-19 and its Effects on Anxiety
2020 Jul 1916m 27s
With the rise in cases of COVID-19 and living indoors for a substantial amount of time, Hari and Bhasker discuss about its potential effects on anxiety, disorders, and social psychological aspects such as untouchability, and more.
Episode 4: Experts in a Mental Health Center
2020 Jul 0514m
In the fourth episode of the One Stop Psychology podcast, Bhasker and Hari talk about the various steps one can follow when approaching a mental health center, what the process is like and whom one should go to for help.
Episode 3: What is Depression?
2020 Jun 2524m 50s
Depression and suicide are very serious issues in our society. With all that is going on, our experts talk more about these topics which are too often neglected.
Episode 2: How To Learn Better
2020 Jun 2013m 43s
Do you have exams coming up? Do you find yourself pulling all-nighters or cramming textbooks the day before a paper? There's no need to worry. Our brilliant minds break down how you can learn better!