Ride The Bus with Kyle and Faco
  • Kyle Hovland
14 episodes
Join Kyle and Faco-two South Bay supermodels doing standup, as they travel to open mics, showcases, and places to eat riding different forms of public transit


Ride The Bus 14B
2019 Aug 2025m 52s
Ride The Bus 14B by Kyle Hovland
Ride The Bus 13B
2019 Aug 1923m 2s
Ride The Bus 13B by Kyle Hovland
Ride The Bus 12B
2019 Aug 0422m 18s
After a heated discussion on previous podcast. Faco shares a little about Sunnyvale before we enter LilyMacs.
Ride The Bus 11B
2019 Aug 0429m 27s
Ride The Bus 11B by Kyle Hovland
Ride The Bus 8b
2019 Jul 2836m 35s
Ride The Bus 8b by Kyle Hovland
Ride The Bus Episode Episode 7b
2019 Jul 1337m 35s
Kyle and Faco riding the 173 in Kyle’s home city of Long Beach. While Kyle travels happily down memory lane, Kyle and Faco recover from two pizza place food coma.
Ride The Bus Episode Episode 6b
2019 Jul 1327m 38s
Kyle and Faco barely make bus to LA in dramatic fashion.
Ride The Bus Episode Episode 5b
2019 Jul 1332m 29s
Kyle and Faco talk about The green Hornet and former music store chains.
Ride The Bus episode 4b
2019 Jul 0236m 8s
Second episode in a row sat Kyle is slightly inebriated
RideThe Bus Episode 3b
2019 Jul 0232m 11s
Kyle is slightly inebriated on this Friday episode.