Well I Day Know That
  • Stuart Ash
8 episodes
‘Well I day know that’ is a podcast with my parents. Each week we will delve into a different topic and get an insight into my Mom and Dad’s minds. We will learn, chat and react to the facts. Enjoy!


Episode 8: Season Finale
2020 Dec 211h 11m 55s
Welcome to the endgame! Join us this week for the season finale. It’s over flowing with goodness, just like Big Ian’s Christmas dinner plate. We’ve got special guests, giveaways, and we find out the winner of this seasons ‘Let’s Get Down to Quizness’. Enjoy & Merry Christmas!!
Episode 7: Food
2020 Dec 141h 57s
Bon Appétit! Grab your knives and forks and get ready to feast on Big Ian and Jacko’s thoughts about food! This week we’ll dish out about the delicacy ‘tripe’, learn what meal Big Ian would whip up to seduce Jacko, and we add some spice by testing if the folks can handle some very hot noodles! Enjoy!!
Episode 6: Events in History
2020 Dec 0750m 22s
Attention class! This week we am travelling through time. Jacko and Big Ian will “learn” us about some events in history, both worldwide and close to home. We uncover how the nickname Jacko came to be, the near death experience that shook Big Ian, and their thoughts on the rollercoaster that is 2020! Enjoy!
Episode 5: TV
2020 Nov 3058m 16s
Grab your remotes and get ready! This week I’m talking to Jacko and Big Ian about all things TV. Not only will you find out what TV shows Jacko watched as a kid, you’ll also hear Big Ian’s impression of Rigsby and you’ll get to meet a very special guest! Enjoy!
Episode 4: Music
2020 Nov 2347m 22s
Now that’s what we call music, doe we! This week I’m chatting to the folks about the beatboxing, toe tapping, head banging world of music. You’ll find out their favourite songs, how high Jacko’s vocal range is, and what musician Big Ian would want to read him a bedtime story. Enjoy!!
Episode 3: Sex & Relationships
2020 Nov 1643m 39s
I hope you’re all ready for some spice! This week I’ll be discussing all things sexy and consenty with Jacko and Big Ian. You’ll find out their reaction to “Fifty Shades of Grey”, whether they know what the acronym “DP” stands for, and what their favourite sex position is. Enjoy!!
Episode 2: Sport
2020 Nov 0951m 9s
On this weeks episode, I will be talking to Jacko and Big Ian about the world of sport. We will find out about, what sports they did at school, Dad’s love for golf and why Anthony Joshua made it into Mom’s top 5!
Episode 1: Film
2020 Nov 0156m 16s
The first of the series!! This week I will be chatting to Mom and Dad regarding every thing film. Their favourite characters, how much a cinema ticket was in the 80s and if they know what method acting is!!!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.