• Bill Chow
70 episodes
The various daily talks by a man reaching his golden years


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2021 Apr 151m 5s
Observation Tuesdays
Uber eats review of kyoto house
2021 Apr 131m 1s
Restaurant/uber eats review monday
Salad king
2021 Mar 311m 9s
Restaurant review/Uber eats monday
Philippino yentas
2021 Mar 241m 20s
Observation Tuesdays
Holy Belly
2021 Mar 241m 13s
Restaurant review/Uber Eats monday
Liberty Eats
2021 Mar 161m 16s
Restaurant/ Ubers Eats review
Covid test at Michael Garron/East York General
2021 Mar 091m 26s
Observation Tuesday
2021 Mar 081m 14s
Restaurant/ uber eats review Monday
Monk fish at chowie cafe
2021 Mar 021m 3s
Restaurant review monday/ uber eats/ chowie Cafe
bagel on fire on queen street east
2021 Feb 221m 2s
Restaurant review monday/uber eats