• Seth Comire
14 episodes
The I Heart Sci-Fi podcast features updates on the latest happenings in the world of science fiction. Each episode also includes a showcase of a sci-fi movie or book featuring fun facts you never knew.


Top 10 Scariest Sci-Fi Movies of the 1980s!
2021 Feb 1846m 44s
What's up I Heart Sci-Fi fans, this is Seth and I'm back with another great episode. You know I love Sci-Fi movies and today you and I will be looking at the top ten scariest sci-fi movies of the 1980s.
Interview with Sci-Fi Author Krista Pimpinella About Her Book Nexus Point
2021 Feb 0726m 53s
Sci-Fi author Krista Pimpinella just released her book Nexus Point available in most online bookstores. We discuss the book, plus what the future holds for sequels.
More Galaxy-Sized News This Week! Movies, Series & Books!
2021 Feb 0128m 12s
Let's talk sci-fi news this week! I've got lots to unload for you - Dr. Strange, Black Widow, Ghost Busters Afterlife, GODZILLA VS. KONG, Ultraman, Matrix: Resurrections!, Indiana Jones 5, Cloverfield 2 (?), Buck Rogers, Resident Alien, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, Batwoman & so much more!
Special Guest Interview with Sci-Fi Author Sara Judson Brown!
2021 Jan 2452m 34s
Sci-Fi author Sara Judson Brown joins me on today's podcast to talk about her new book, Siren's Cove, set for release on January 26, 2021.
Episode 10: Latest News and John Carpenter's The Thing
2021 Jan 1719m 17s
In this episode, I share the latest sci-fi news, plus we dive deep into John Carpenter's 1982 masterpiece The Thing
Episode 9: My 5 Favorite Sci-Fi Books of 2020
2021 Jan 1013m 24s
In this episode, we discuss the latest sci-fi news, along with my top 5 favorite books I read in 2020.
Episode 8: Happy New Year!
2021 Jan 0320m 15s
Happy New Year sci-fi fans! In this episode, we'll discuss the best movies to drop soon in 2021, plus we'll review my TBR book list for the new year.
Episode 7: Galaxy-Size Sci-Fi News This Week!
2020 Dec 2024m 5s
In this week's episode from the I Heart Sci-Fi Star Base, we discuss the latest sci-fi news, including announcements from Disney and FX. Our tractor beam will suck you right in on this podcast full of exciting news.
Episode 6: Top 5 Scariest Tech Invented by Sci-Fi
2020 Dec 1329m 24s
In this episode, we'll discuss some of the scariest technology invented by science fiction, plus advice for new sci-fi authors.
Episode 5: Amazing Facts About The Fifth Element
2020 Dec 0619m 43s
In this episode, we discuss a few deaths this week in the world of sci-fi movies and we talk about ten amazing facts you probably don't know about the sci-fi classic The Fifth Element.