• Lisa Strzoda
6 episodes
Tell Me Your Story is a podcast hosted by Lisa Strzoda, an AFPA Holistic Nutritionist and Co-Active Coach in training. Lisa will talk to entrepreneurs, creative visionaries, activists, and movers and shakers about what influences, events, and decisions helped them live out their destinies. Everyone has a story worth telling!


Addiction, sobriety, and the judge that saved my life: An Interview with Laura McCaughey
2021 Jan 1734m 36s
I chat with Laura McCaughey, a Mental Health Technician with Strategic Behavioral Health, about addiction, sobriety, mental health and the pandemic, and the judge that changed her life.
Chiropractic medicine, birth stories, and internalized misogyny: An Interview with Dr. Freda Tyson
2020 Dec 2750m 30s
Did you know that horses can be adjusted? Dr. Freda Tyson and I chat about Chiropractic medicine, pregnancy, birth stories, internalized misogyny, and the creation of Feminist Manifesta.
Aaron Howard: How yoga helped me heal from a serious injury
2020 Dec 1444m 54s
Aaron speaks about how yoga helped him heal, why he started his own business, and how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur.
The Music Man: An Interview with Alan Morrison
2020 Dec 1346m 24s
I spoke with entrepreneur and musician, Alan Morrison, owner of AM Guitarworks.
Blond Ambition: An Interview with Kim Nelson
2020 Dec 1235m 55s
Kim Nelson is the owner of QC Fuel, a series of drive-thru coffee shops in the Quad Cities.
Podcast Preview
2020 Nov 092m 46s
I’ve always been curious as to what events, choices, and decisions put people on the path of their destiny and how they stay on it. We'll learn how the doers got there, how they stay keep going, and how we can too.
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