• Gilly Smith
12 episodes
The full interviews from the book by Gilly Smith How to Start and Grow a Successful Podcast featuring tips, techniques and true stories from podcasting pioneers.  If you like what you hear, you can buy me a drink! (https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=EV676KGSYK77N)


12: Hana Walker-Brown: Anthems
2021 Apr 1423m 37s
This week, award winning sound designer, Hana Walker Brown on immersive storytelling, the political power of podcasting  and where she thinks the industry is heading.
11: Georgia Catt: The Missing Cryptoqueen
2021 Apr 0738m 39s
This week, Radio 4 and BBC Sounds producer, Georgia Catt tells us about her award winning series with presenter, Jamie Bartlett, The Missing Cryptoqueen, and the rise and rise of the long form podcast, the audio version of the Netflix binge.
10: Olly Mann: on pioneering the Britpod
2021 Mar 3147m 7s
This week, a bumper masterclass of an episode with Olly Mann who with Helen Zatlzmann was one of the earliest pioneers in podcasting with Answer Me This in 2008. Since then, he’s presented The Week Unwrapped and The Moderrn Mann and made real his teenage dream of becoming a BBC radio broadcaster.   He tells me about getting in early, making it up as he went along, using his media savvy and creative brain to have a load of fun along the way and get to a point where he can pay his mortgage and feed his kids as a podcaster
9: The My Dad Wrote a Porno team
2021 Mar 2430m 1s
This week, in the very first interview I did for the book, I’m Zooming with the entire team of My Dad Wrote a Porno, surely Britian’s most famous and most unlikely success in podcasting. Alice Levine, James Cooper an Jamie Morten have been making media since they played around at their uni TV station, and talk about how to make a home-made passion project into a multi platform media phenomenon, when to monetise and how to tell when something’s really really funny.
8: Helen Zaltzman: Answer Me This
2021 Mar 1725m 20s
This week, I’m with the matriarch of British podcasting pioneers, Helen Zaltzman whose Answer Me This,  Veronica Mars Investigates and The Allusionist podcasts set the standard in home grown talent. Here she talks about community support, making money in podcasting and where she thinks the medium is heading.
7: Ira Glass: This American Life
2021 Mar 1025m 34s
This week, Gilly is with  Ira Glass, the legend of podcasting, the brains behind and the voice of This American Life.  Here he gives us a masterclass in  storytelling and the immersive listening experience, and talks us through the iconic blurring of fiction and non-fiction that has madfe This American Life the most copied podcast narrative experience ever.
6: Jon Wilks: The Old Songs podcast
2021 Mar 0332m 42s
This week, Gilly talks to folk expert Jon Wilks of The Old Songs podcast on hobby podcasting, niche communities, using music and meeting your heroes.
5: James Ramsden: The Kitchen is on Fire
2021 Feb 2421m 3s
This week, James Ramsden from The Kitchen is on Fire podcast, on not trying too hard, having a bit of a ramble with your best mate, a bit of a format and getting on to New and Noteworthy anyway. And all to the soundtrack of a helicopter over his roof!
4: Matt Hill, co-founder of the British Podcast Awards
2021 Feb 1741m 57s
This week, Matt Hill, co-founder of the British Podcast Awards on producing Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place, The Week Unwrapped and The Modern Mann, the place of awards and how to think laterally about monetising.
3: Jessie and Lennie Ware: Table Manners
2021 Feb 1027m 2s
This week, we hear the full interview with pop star, Jessie Ware and her mum, Lennie from How to Start and Grow a Successful Podcast by Gilly Smith about their podcast Table Manners.