The Chamber Talk Show
  • Doctors April, Tomekia KaNisha and Tamara
5 episodes
A life-changing talk show that uplifts those who have been impacted by life-altering events by using a holistic approach to emotional and mental transformations. Support this podcast:


To Be or Not to Be: It's Cuffing Season
2020 Dec 0835m 52s
The doctors of The Chamber take on the subject of finding cuddle buddies between now and Valentine's Day.
SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder Doesn't Have to Steal Your Joy
2020 Dec 0837m 10s
The doctors' of The Chamber take a holistic approach to helping those that suffer from anxiety and depression during the cold winter months.
What does your Body Image Say About You?
2020 Nov 2323m 43s
The four doctors explore ways that body image has impacted today's generation particularly women.
Boosting Self-Esteem
2020 Nov 2330m 24s
The four doctors discuss the impact self-esteem has had on their journey into adulthood and how you can boost yours.
The Chamber on Relationships
2020 Nov 1850m 1s
These four females doctors from different disciplines tackle the subject of relationships mixing personal experiences with practical applications from the mental health doctors.
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