• Ntheteng Mathunyane
11 episodes
“Who Is A Man” is a podcast that tackles issues faced and caused by men, so to unravel the deep and somewhat painful reasons behind the existence of such issues, with the intention of learning from them, to not only help men become better men, but to mentor teenage boys and young male adults to become more matured, respectful, respectable, grounded regal men, and to rediscover their true identity as designed by God Himself.


Tip of The Day - Affirm Yourself
2021 Mar 1812m 5s
Today's tip on how to become more confident in yourself as a man is:
Discussing Homosexuality & Christianity (Guest: Vincent Maso)
2021 Mar 1033m 43s
Is homosexuality a "behaviour", or is it a state of being? Is homosexuality primarily a by-product of emotional trauma/abuse? Or are there men who're just born different?
Can Men & Women Just Be Friends?
2021 Feb 1541m 10s
Can men & women just have a platonic friendship? Join the conversation with my guest, Ms. Khumo M. Mphahlele, as she unravels the meaning of true friendship, leading to opposite-sex friendships, and how that dynamic works when in a romantic relationship/marriage.
Tip of The Day - Visualization
2021 Feb 086m
Today's tip on how to become a better version of yourself is: Visualize yourself as the man you long to be.
"Side chicks" (Guest: Mr. S. Pilane)
2021 Jan 2628m 25s
Let’s Talk About Sex – Part 4: Why would a guy be inclined to have a side-chick? Furthermore, how should one go about picking the 'right partner'?
Let's Talk About Sex - Part 3
2021 Jan 1815m 11s
What is the significance of sexual purity?
Let's Talk About Sex - Part 2 (Guest: Mr. S. Pilane)
2021 Jan 0924m 30s
Is hooking up worth it? What about masturbation? Grab your seat and join today’s conversation, led by our guest, Mr. S. Pilane.
Let's Talk About Sex - Part 1 (Guest: Mr. S. Pilane)
2021 Jan 0422m 51s
Why is sex a taboo subject in conversations with adults or even amongst your friends? Is sex purely a penetrative act or is there more to it?
The "Mama's Boy"
2020 Dec 1923m 26s
Is a Mama’s Boy less of a man? What is it about a man that would classify him as a Mama’s Boy, and how would that affect his potential partnerships or relationships?
Walking with your Eyes Closed
2020 Nov 3018m 55s
Emotions; one of the core elements that govern us as humans, yet often attempted to be suppressed, particularly by men. In this episode, I discuss the pitfalls of avoiding your emotions, with more attention gravitated towards promiscuity, and how that could potentially contribute to Gender-based Violence.