The Recombobulator Lab
  • Jason Graham-Nye & Chris Dominic
23 episodes
A diaper executive and a jury consultant walk into a bar...madness ensues. The Recombobulator Lab covers knowledge, news, and society topics from the perspectives of two old friends who are both dedicated to facts, evidence, science, and bouts of comedic rants. The Recombobulator Lab is hosted each episode by the President of gDiapers, Jason Graham-Nye of Ben Buckler, Sydney, Australia and the President of Tsongas Litigation Consulting, Chris Dominic, of Portland, Oregon, USA. New episodes drop weekly on Thursday (USA).


Confronting Sexual Assault in Society with Chanel Contos-Ep.22
2021 Apr 1429m 6s
Jason and Chris interview Chanel Contos, who has recently come to prominence to launch Australia’s me-too movement.
Courageous Marketing with Former Jordan Brand’s Tom Kelley-Ep.21
2021 Apr 0733m 14s
Jason & Chris catch up on the state of the pandemic in Australia and America before diving into a quiz on some of the most successful marketing and advertising campaigns.
Overcoming Obstacles with Soccer Pro, Kendall Johnson-Ep.20
2021 Mar 3133m 25s
Soccer pro (Portland Thorns, Western Sydney Wanderers, Sky Blue FC) and performance coach Kendall Johnson shares why she really came on the Podcast and then dives into her five-year journey overcoming a concussion.
Reinventing City Hall with New York City Mayoral Candidate, Art Chang-Ep.19
2021 Mar 2435m 18s
Chris and Jason celebrate the "Friend of the Lab" title and lament the pain involved in repeatedly delivering a poor punch line (or watching someone else do so).
Comedy & Authenticity with Zane Lamprey, Part. 2-Ep.18
2021 Mar 1730m 25s
Chris asks how Zane came up with his amazing animations from his shows that explain complex concepts in concise periods of time. Zane explains how his shows' goals were to be as entertaining as possible and "trick us" into learning about the various cultures he experienced in his travels.
Comedy & Authenticity with Zane Lamprey, Part 1-Ep.17
2021 Mar 1029m 38s
The show gets off to a rough but hilarious start. Zane explains how he balances being a TV show host for Thee Sheets and Four Sheets, the head of an environmentally friendly clothing company, and getting ready for a nationwide stand-up comedy tour.
Saving the World from Environmental Destruction with Tom Osdoba-Ep.16
2021 Mar 0432m 13s
After 140 people went missing from a glacier breaking off in the Himalayan portion of India, Friend of The Lab, Tom Osdoba, drops in from France to help Jason and Chris answer the question, "How can we save the world from environmental destruction?" Jason and Chris then learn that Tom's name can be pronounced in at least two ways.
Retro 1980s with Calico Kids Author Todd Downing-Ep.15
2021 Feb 2532m 36s
Jason is blown away by the period-specific intro theme, then he and Chris revisit the 1980s, including music, dyed hair, rugby shirts, and very short shorts. Jason describes how Possums in Australia are more likable and cuter than their American counterparts. Chris takes Jason through a gauntlet of the 1980s (music, sports, nuclear proliferation, movies) with a quiz.
Elite Performance with Olympian, Steve Solomon, Part 2.-Ep.14
2021 Feb 1830m 42s
In part 1, Jason and Chris covered the peak experience Steve Solomon had in the London Olympic games in 2012. In this episode, Steve continues by talking about his intense learning experiences in the Rio Olympic games in 2016 and the specific question he had to answer to set him up for consistent success in the future.
Elite Performance with Olympian, Steve Solomon, Part 1.-Ep.13
2021 Feb 1128m 27s
Chris returns from his second all-remote jury trial. Jason and Chris jump into the first of a two-part interview with Olympian and five-time defending Australian 400 meters champion and Olympian, Steve Solomon.