• Ericka Anderson
40 episodes
A journey into love and evolution. Learning to be mindful, loving. Letting go of offense. Learning to be...Let’s do this together.


What Are You Saying?
2021 Feb 2017m 38s
What are you saying to yourself that's keeping you from reaching your goals? It may be what you're saying to yourself. Take a listen.
Love, Love, Love
2021 Feb 1316m 36s
It's Valentine's weekend! Love covers a multitude of things. What does love look like to you? I'll tell you what it looks like to me. Take a listen.
Validation: Learning to Cheer For Yourself
2021 Feb 0620m 4s
Seeking validation from others can often bring more harm than good. How can we break cycles of receiving external validation and learn to be our own cheerleader? I have some ideas. Take a listen!
Self Confidence
2021 Jan 3019m 27s
So you need a little confidence boost. What are some things you can do to feel better? Take a listen.
Setting Boundaries is Self-Care
2021 Jan 2613m 21s
Are you triggered by a person, place or thing? Perhaps it’s time to set boundaries. You’ll love you for it!
I’ve Decided to Choose Love
2021 Jan 1829m 26s
On this MLK Day episode, we’ll talk about a potpourri of things with one thing in common. Intention. Also, listen until the end for a special announcement.
New You...Intentionally.
2021 Jan 1115m 3s
In this first episode of 2021, let’s talk about intent.
For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear
2020 Dec 3026m 58s
For this final episode of 2020, I’m sharing things I’ve learned from my Christmas movie marathon. No spoilers. Enjoy!
There’s a Thin Line...
2020 Dec 2123m 36s
Are you in a manipulative relationship? How would you know? What can you do about it? Listen to recognize a manipulative person in your life and how to combat the manipulation.
Acceptance: Self-acceptance
2020 Dec 1328m 14s
Bringing more love and acceptance to the most important person you know. YOU!