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How do I find my purpose? How do I leave a relationship? How to get rid of fear? What is numerology? How to set personal boundaries? Welcome to Figuring it Out With Delia Divine. Tune in and subscribe for 30 min or fewer episodes on spirituality, numerology, and finding your purpose. Here we get real about how to change your life getting back to what matters. You! Weekly I share my personal lessons and actionable steps to live the life you dreamed of with purpose and freedom.


You're Closer Than You Think
2021 Apr 1410m 40s
Hey There!
It's Time To Let Go.
2021 Apr 079m 21s
It's time to close a chapter in your life; which will it be?
Spirit Wants You To Know This
2021 Mar 317m 22s
There are many messages coming through during this period in time. As I was recording for my audience on Instagram =; I've decided to share with you here as well. Enjoy.
Take Action Towards Your Dreams Through Self-Motivation_
2021 Mar 268m 42s
In today's episode I share how you can pick yourself up and act upon those dreams of yours. Self motivation is a component to changing your life. Listen how you can start today.
March 2021 Numerology Forecast
2021 Mar 1010m 36s
March Monthly Numerology Forecast. Listen to see what March possibly has in store for you. Take action your future.
Embracing Your Reality Welcomes New Possibilities
2021 Feb 2414m 27s
With all going on in the world, let's put those aside for a moment. Let's take a moment to connect with you.
EP 11:Growth Through Shadow Work
2021 Feb 1711m 9s
Ever heard of shadow work? In todays episode we learn about show work. How you can use it to discover deeper conversation with yourself and more.
Lessons & Signs You Might Be Avoiding
2021 Feb 1012m 12s
In everyday life it can be easy to neglect lessons and warning signs Spirit may signal to us. In this episode I share ways to identify the messages that is regularly be given.
What To Expect In February 2021
2021 Feb 0313m 57s
The year of 2021 is a year of the five where February brings the energy of the 7. The number 7 has the energy of intuition and logical thinking. Dive into the episode to hear more of what February has in store to experience.
8. 9 Lessons Pregnancy Taught Me
2021 Jan 2819m 25s
In today's episode I switch up the flow of the podcast. I go into the lessons I've learned in the 9 months of my first pregnancy. Usually I give you actionable steps this time the light is on my journey. Even if you're not a first time mom there's so much jewel to be gained. Take a listen.