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Kourtney Branagan and Keith Simmons talk with Calgarians active in their community about their involvement in different groups and how they’ve tackled community building projects in the city.


K2C2 podcast – The Pilot Episode
2020 Mar 0421m 20s
How did our hosts Kourtney Branagan and Keith Simmons start their journey to community advocacy? In this episode – their first audio – the dynamic duo talks about how they got involved in their communities, [...]
K2C2 podcast – Episode 2: Morgan Turigan and Haysboro rocks!
2020 Feb 1030m 57s
The inspiration for Haysboro rocks comes from Morgan Turigan’s two kids and their desire to bring rocks home from the playground. You can find out more about how that created a community activity that’s stone [...]
K2C2 podcast – Episode 1: Kevin Schlauch
2020 Jan 2340m 24s
In the Kourt and Keith debut episode, they talk with Kevin Schlauch, community activist, bike advocate, community association volunteer and all-around good guy. They cover Kev’s wide range of volunteering and community building experience, including [...]
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