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Can you make your life better in 30 minutes or less? We think so! In each episode of Not Bad Advice, your hosts Pamela Lund and CK Chung will offer you a new perspective that you can use right away to improve one aspect of your life. Feel happier, more confident, and less anxious no matter who you are because good advice is universal. Think of us as the friends who always give you good, practical advice when you need it (even if you don’t know it yet). After listening you’ll think, "Hey, that’s not bad advice!" Need advice about something? Ask us here:


How To Change Painful Patterns
2021 Apr 145m 3s
What does Pam's bum shoulder have to teach us about behavioral change and how we show up in the world?
How To Use Micro-Budgets To Reduce Financial Anxiety
2021 Apr 0710m 15s
Can saving $5 every month really make your life less stressful? Find out how to use microbudgets to completely change the way you handle your expenses.
How To Have A Budget That Actually Works
2021 Mar 3111m 21s
Have you tried and failed at budgeting in the past? Chances are the system is what failed, not you. Listen to discover why most budgets suck and how you can do it better.
How To Spend Money Mindfully
2021 Mar 2415m 5s
Do you wonder where your money goes every month? Do you beat yourself up when you buy things you can't afford or didn't plan to buy? Do you buy things to deal with feelings, like loneliness or stress?
How To Stop Thinking You’re Bad With Money
2021 Mar 1718m 24s
What happens when you tell yourself that you're bad with money? Or when you don't believe you're worthy of more? Nothing good! Find out how to identify and overcome the money stories that are holding you back.
How Your Financial Values Affect Your Spending Habits
2021 Mar 1015m 53s
What would you do with an extra $1500 every month? Your answer will give you insight into how to be happier with the money you have right now and how to stop should-ing all over your budget.
How To Change How Money Makes You Feel
2021 Mar 0316m 2s
Money represents more than buying power. Money is emotional. Knowing what money really means to you will uncover how you're sabotaging your own financial goals and tell you what strategies to use to stay on track.
How To Deal With Uncertainty
2021 Feb 2412m 39s
How often do you stress yourself out over something, feeling anxious about what could happen or how other people will react, and then when you finally do the thing it turns out to be no big deal? What if you could stop feeling that way?
How To Find Your Life Cheat Codes
2021 Feb 1711m 4s
It's not the things you think about and consciously decide to do that are eating up your time, sucking your energy, and causing stress. It's the things you do without thinking.
How To Feel More Appreciated
2021 Feb 1013m 7s
If you choose to do something for someone else without being asked to do it, you made the choice to do it, so you don't get to demand the response that you want from the other person. But you can feel more appreciated without demanding appreciation from others.