Life Fucking Sucks
  • Ashley & Kaitlin
3 episodes
We will take you through Our life past, present, and future and trust sucks! We both have a lot of experiences in our lives and we want to open up to share them publicly. We hope they help you in your life or its just fun to listen to. Hope you enjoy! ~Ashley & Kaitlin Support this podcast:


My Car Broke Down & Reconciling With An Old Friend
2020 Sep 0235m 11s
Just Ashley again this week and this time my car broke down and I have some advice on talking to old friends and moving in with your bestie!
Online Scams & Buying a House
2020 Aug 1929m 34s
Its just me this week giving you the run down of everything that has been stressing me out.  I am now excepting advice thanks !lol
Life Fucking Sucks
2020 Aug 1258m 8s
Hi everyone!
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