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Presented by the Shepherd Express, Central City Stories and host Tom Jenz dive into racism and prejudice that divide Americans.


Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes
2021 Jan 1217m 28s
Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes is Wisconsin’s first Black lieutenant governor and, at 33, one of the youngest.Before becoming lieutenant governor in 2018, Barnes served in the State Assembly for four years, representing District 11 on Milwaukee’s North Side. He authored legislation on juvenile justice reform, out-of-home care for youth in the foster system, early prison release, expanding victim and witness advocacy services, a community schools grant program and tuition-free enrollment for technical colleges.
Ed Hennings Part 2: Life after prison
2020 Dec 169m 53s
In part two, Ed Hennings takes us through what life was like for him after returning from prison after over 20 years. He's started a few businesses and is committed to educating the youth so they don't fall into the same trap as him and rehabilitating those who have.
Central City Stories: From Murderer to Motivator - The Fall and Rise of Ed Hennings Part 1
2020 Oct 2910m 32s
Host Tom Jenz met Ed Hennings at his Hair Code Barber & Beauty Salon on Capital Drive. In his trim black beard, he comes across as a striking presence, tall, lean and potent with the buffed body of an athlete and a radio voice that threads a tale with sincerity. He is 48, but he looks 28.
Central City Stories: Frank Nitty's Journey to Washington DC
2020 Oct 159m 44s
Not long ago, I interviewed the controversial protest leader Frank Nitty at the South Side’s Wilson Park. A hundred people had gathered to celebrate Nitty’s return to Milwaukee with 25 followers after their long walk to Washington D.C. to honor the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous speech. The walk took close to 30 days and was fraught with drama. Although it was raining in Wilson Park, moods were filled of sunshine. When Nitty made his appearance, he was overwhelmed with hugs and good wishes, but he broke away to speak with me.
Central City Stories Episode 1: Milwaukee Police Chief Michael Brunson
2020 Sep 218m 20s
CENTRAL CITY STORIES is a collection of visual narratives from Milwaukee's central city by writer and fine arts photographer Tom Jenz.Michael Brunson, Milwaukee's new acting police chief, discusses 911 calls, rising crime, COVID, reckless driving and community trust.
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