In My [Blank] Opinion
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24 episodes
A podcast about what's showing up on our timelines, what we're watching happen in pop culture, and how we’re going to tv + movies for answers.


Episode 24 - In my Nerd Opinion
2021 Apr 161h 12m 45s
What are you a nerd for? In this episode, Alex and Adora talk about their favorite fandoms and what they nerd out over. They also discuss Game of Thrones, now in its Iron Anniversary. This episode is full of favorite shows, movies, and celeb news like the downfall of #WhiteBoySummer and the newest Kardashian relationship.
Episode 23 - In my Financially Responsible Opinion
2021 Apr 091h 12m 46s
Alex and Adora are joined by Adora's very own Financial Advisor, Hector to discuss Schitt's Creek, how not to lose your money, and what approach we should take in our finances. They also go into bio-hacking, re-watching old TV shows, and the Khloe Kardashian unedited picture scandal. TW: Alex and Adora do talk about body image issues in the last 13 minutes of the show.
Episode 22 - In my Luxe Opinion
2021 Apr 021h 14m 45s
Alex and Adora are joined by their fabulous friend Lauren to chat about all things luxury, designer, and fashion. They discuss the difference between designer brands, why buying a bag can be an investment, and how the resale market is changing things up. They also discuss how brands and consumers can be more sustainable, what lifestyle trends we should look out for in Spring/Summer, and go into the latest news in pop culture.
Episode 21 - In my Korean American Opinion
2021 Mar 261h 11m 28s
Join Alex, Adora, and Josephine(!!!) as they discuss the newest film from director Lee Isaac Chung, starring Steven Yeun, Minari. They talk about the Korean American experience, growing up in immigrant households, mainstream vs. indie K-pop, and the nuances of the surge in Asian representation in pop culture. TW: Alex and Adora also talk about intuitive eating and their connection with food in the first 10 minutes of the episode.
Episode 20 - In my Uncomfortable Bachelor Opinion
2021 Mar 181h 10m 19s
It's Bachelor finale time! Join Alex and Adora as they recap the final episode of Matt James' season of the Bachelor and the mess that came with it. Listen to get their opinions on Emmanuel Acho as host, the two new bachelorettes, and the Rachael of it all. They also briefly get into astrology, Game of Thrones, and award season.
In my Black Bay Area Opinion
2021 Mar 121h 16m 12s
Alex and Adora are joined by sisters Briana and Zaria from The Blk Lens (@theblklens) to discuss The Last Black Man in San Francisco, adding their perspective as SF natives. They get into their experience growing up in SF, how it's changed, where it's taken them, and get into the some hot takes on dating in the Bay Area.
Episode 18 - In my Empowered Opinion
2021 Mar 051h 9m 32s
Alex and Adora are joined by Desirae Shantel (@desirae.shantel) from Symptoms of Suburbia to discuss Malcom & Marie – and there’s a lot to discuss👀. Plus they get into Desirae’s journey into self development, what inspires her, and encourage her to pursue a career in life coaching. You won’t want to miss out on all her wisdom.
Episode 17 - In my Black Love Opinion
2021 Feb 261h 11m 21s
Alex and Adora team up with Zillennial blogger Maya (@maya.esthetic) ( to chat about the best (and the worst) movies that represent Black love. They also get into body positivity, the power of representation, and how do we define "medium ugly" men. Don't miss out!
Episode 16 - In my Bromantic Opinion
2021 Feb 191h 14m
Alex and Adora join forces with Rom-Com experts Boka Agboje and Garrett Balliett from the Bromance Podcast to discuss the ultimate new age teen Rom-Com "To All the Boys I've Loved Before." You can expect hot takes on everything from the movie, on Matthew Mcconaughey, on dating, and on the essentials of a great Rom-Com.
Episode 15 - In my Dating Opinion
2021 Feb 1250m 43s
Alex and Adora talk to dating expert Jordan from @DatingDefined, a dating service found in most major US cities. They talk about the ultimate dating show: the Bachelor, dating advice, rules for a great first date, and what apps you should have on your dating journey.