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  • Sabrina Orkies
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Hi everyone! Join me, Sabrina Orkies, Healthy Life Coach while I help to educate listeners on a wide variety of topics regarding any and all wellness topics! Most episodes will feature guest experts in a wide range of wellness fields, ranging from mental wellness to your over all health. You can follow me @thriveandshine_wellness


Healing Your Relationship with Food
2021 Apr 0548m 11s
Bridget Shannon is a Co-Founder, Podcast Host and a Head Coach at Wellness Lately.
Battling Heart Disease Pt.2
2021 Mar 2943m 59s
We are back for part 2!
Battling Heart Disease-Part 1
2021 Mar 2235m 16s
Underdog Ninja Foundation was founded in 2020 by Javie and Jessica Madrigal, a husband and wife team that has been battling and overcoming heart disease for 18 years.
Body Positivity
2021 Mar 1539m 6s
Today my guest is Katherine Yasi!
2021 Mar 0833m 30s
Natasha is a Reconnection Coach and Advanced RTT Therapist.
Gut Health
2021 Mar 0153m 30s
Today I’m speaking with Ashley Carlson on Gut Health!
Women's Hormone Health and Infertility
2021 Feb 2241m 25s
My guest today is Amy Hume!
Human Design
2021 Feb 1545m 19s
Today my guest is Raven Scott! She is the owner of Return to Calm, and also does Human Design readings! Once you know your type of personality, energy source, decision making authority, and which centers are open and defined, you will find freedom. The freedom will come because you will finally realize how unique you are and that you do not have to fit the mold of your conditioning, society's expectations. You do not have to always feel like a failure, when applying the "Just do it" marketing slogan to your life. (As I personally have experienced.) You will learn a new strategy for manifestation to flow easier, and it will seem completely backwards to society's teachings. You can get 20% off by using the code: THRIVEANDSHINE You can find the offer here: IG: @returntocalmmom Podcast: Return To Calm
Creating an Intentional Life
2021 Feb 0837m 37s
Today my guest is Angela Barnard! Angela Barnard is an Intentional Life Design Coach who helps purpose-driven women craft a clear vision for their life and transition their lifestyle (mindset, habits and environment) to bring their vision into [reality.](http://reality.In) She is also the host of the Intentional Mind Podcast, a podcast that helps you intentionally design your life using the power of your mind, faith and energy. When she isn't podcasting or coaching, you can find her admiring the mountains views in South Carolina and dancing in her tiny house with her cats and husband. She travels galore and loves to hike. Besides life design coaching, she serves as a broadcast journalist for military crisis training exercises and coaches people to get their own tiny home. What gets her most excited is helping people believe for more and use the gifts they've been given to make their dreams a reality, even better than they've imagined.
Manifesting Your Dreams
2021 Feb 0128m 2s
Today’s guest is, Brittney Hiller!!