Zen Mama & The Addict
  • Mary Streeter
21 episodes
Our stories of struggle and hope are powerful and they connect us. When we can step out of our shame and allow ourselves to get real and be vulnerable with all the emotions of the struggle, we realize we are not alone. It becomes this gateway to healing. Zen Mama and the Addict is a community of sharing through the lenses of compassion and understanding. We share stories of struggles, resiliency and hope. We hold space for honest conversation as we address challenging issues - the shit we don’t want to talk about- and explore approaches to healing so that we can find the light and shine it out into the world. We can’t stop the waves of struggle, but together we can learn how to surf.


Finding the Meaning in Life w/ Michael Thompson
2021 Mar 111h 42m 40s
This weeks episode is with Michael Thompson! He takes us on his journey of trying to understand this human journey, how our past informs where we are today - his story is rich, colorful and...
Moms of Addicts
2021 Mar 0423m 5s
This episode is for the Moms of addicts. All of the emotions that you feel are real.. the guilt, shame, anger, fear... You can own whatever part of the journey that you feel is real and belongs to you--but you did not create their addiction and you are...
ABC's of Mindfulness (C)
2021 Feb 2534m 13s
Join us this week for the "C" in the ABC's of mindfulness-- connection, community, and compassion.  Mindfulness brings our attention more present through deepening the breath and allowing us to see what brings us joy and what drains us. The more we...
Sonja Chevalier
2021 Feb 181h 9m 23s
Sonia Chevalier is our guest this week.  To describe her journey, she shares.."Mom had me when she was a teenager, and her journey with addiction was just starting. To say I had a rocky childhood would be an understatement. As a teen my life became...
We Can Do Hard Things
2021 Feb 1132m 40s
How do we keep holding on to hope when we continue to get hurt and manipulated by the addict? Sometimes it seems impossible to stay on this journey as a mom, child, partner, grandmother, sibling... any of us that try to walk beside the addict. We...
ABC's of Mindfulness (B)
2021 Feb 0438m 9s
Join us this week for the "B' in the ABC's of mindfulness--Balance and Breathe.  In this episode we will discuss how mindfulness can bring our attention more present through deepening the breath. Through this ability, we can see and feel what brings us...
Overcoming Trauma w/ Laurie Jeanne Bradway
2021 Jan 2849m 49s
Laurie Jean Bradway is our guest this week. Like many of us she has been on a journey and her story is powerful. Through her healing and personal growth she has definitely taken her lemons and turned them into lemonade. She is a certified Domestic...
ABC's of Mindfulness (A)
2021 Jan 2118m 52s
In this episode Mary shares a part of her mindfulness practice and why she thinks it could be helpful to anyone--not just those who are dealing with addiction but also for dealing with anything in life.
The Way Forward
2021 Jan 1419m 59s
Mary shares her recent days of struggle walking beside those with addiction and how she plans to move forward, again. In 2021, we will be addressing more challenging issues--the shit we don't want to talk about. This podcast is not just for those who...
Finding the Road Forward with Krista Marzewski.
2021 Jan 0757m 26s
This weeks guest on ZMATA is Krista Marzewski. What a treat! Krista shares her story of recovery that has led her to become a Y12SR teacher , yoga class combined with a 12-step topic discussion meeting. She is also a recovery coach, development...