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Real discussions about advocating outside the box for children with special needs and learning disabilities.


What Happens When You Disagree?
2021 Mar 265m
What happens when you disagree with your child’s placement in a school special education program?  Listen to find out what parents' options are when a disagreement with school placement arises.
Is the IDEA ableist?
2021 Mar 156m 27s
Is the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (the IDEA) ableist by giving preference to general education classrooms with non-disabled children?  By making this the default destination for all children, it means that disabled children are not the ideal peers, in the eyes of the law.  Is this ableism?  
Do not let the status quo get in your way
2021 Feb 2530m 44s
SJ Barakony, a Creative Educational Disruptor,  founder of SBSL, self-proclaimed education sherpa, a Consultant, Mentor, family Advisor, Group Facilitator, Super Connector, guest Blogger and Futurist tells us about 3 of his educational philosophies:  Classical, TJED (Thomas Jefferson Educational Model) and Libre.
What is an advocate?
2021 Feb 152m 45s
What is an advocate and how can one help you?
Author Aaron Wright tells us why he wrote Thirteen Doors
2021 Jan 2028m 30s
He also tells how he advocated for his child with autism.  His website includes a link to the book launch event:
Advocating for children with PANS/PANDAS
2021 Jan 1424m 58s
Kirsten Ross joins us to talk about her child's experience with PANS/PANDAS.  Kirsten is the host of the podcast “Live and Lead for Impact”, author and business coach.  She authored the leadership books “Defeat the Drama!” and “From People Problems to Productivity” and has been featured as an expert for media such as: NBC Nightly News, Fox 2 News, National Public Radio and for publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Working Mother Magazine and Crains.
Talking about dyslexia with a special ed attorney
2021 Jan 0830m 56s
Norma Francullo, Esq. is a special education attorney and also the mother of children with dyslexia.  She founded a group for parents of special education children which grew into her district's SEPAG.  She's also an active member of Decoding Dyslexia NJ    She can be reached at email: and her website is to answer questions about dyslexia and other special education issues.
Starting an organization with proactive programs
2020 Dec 0838m 5s
Gary Weitzen founded POAC Autism Services after a near-tragedy involving his son.  POAC programs aim to prevent tragedies and socialize children and adults with autism.  Visit to find information on social events, the Autism Shield program, the clergy conference and more.    Find out about these NJ resources by listening to this information-packed episode of Real Parents.  Real Results:  Schafer Sports Center - teaching autistic individuals how to swim, No Limits Cafe, Red Bank, NJ for job training, Allaire Community Farm and support on Facebook “New Jersey Autism Warriors”.
All About Early Intervention
2020 Nov 309m 33s
Tara Murphy talks about her experiences with early intervention and the importance of starting early with the proper intensity.  The Parenting Frontier is a non-attorney advocate group for children with special needs and learning disabilities.  Contact us at and find us on Instagram or our website OR on Facebook
Don't sit idly by
2020 Nov 1834m 59s
A conversation with Stuart Chaifetz, a father who advocated for his child by taking matters into his own hands when a problem arose.  "Don't sit idly by.  Don't waste a minute" before taking action, Stuart advises parents.  He created "No More Teacher Bullies" which has been viewed by millions.