• Mike Carroll
3 episodes
Talking about addiction around camp fires while I’m camping.


Malo Has 6 Days Clean
2020 Nov 282m 10s
Malo has 6 days clean so far and I am so happy for him. For Thales that don’t know Malo he has appeared on the Morals Over Money YouTube channel some. Here is a link to his interview talking about having 6 days clean. https://youtu.be/y3oPwz6-h1Y
Update on what’s coming in the future of Around the Fire
2020 Nov 1340s
Just wanted to give you guys an update on my plans
Season 0 Episode 0 Intro
2020 Oct 261m 28s
Intro to my podcast on addiction and mental health. I will be recording these episodes sitting at a campfire while camping out. That’s where the idea for the name of the podcast came from.
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