You Can't Make This Script Up
  • Caitlin Gallo & Brittany Harris
16 episodes
A screenwriting and entertainment podcast by and for people who are making it up as they go. Join hosts Caitlin Gallo and Brittany Harris as they navigate the ins and outs of writing in Hollywood.


2021 Mar 3042m 12s
We're pulling inspiration from Pinterest boards, Spotify playlists, Google street view - anything we can get our grubby little hands on 'cause this shit is hard, okay?!  (Recorded November 2020) Things we talked about in the episode include:Our creative...
Don't Judge a Book by It's On Screen Adaptation
2021 Mar 231h 16m 1s
Note: This episode was recorded November 2020, AKA before the Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Oprah interview. Let it be known - we stan Josh O'Connor, we pan Prince Charles. MARKLE HIVE, RISE UP!Things we talked about in the episode include:“Modern...
The Movies that Made Us
2021 Feb 181h 21m 45s
*insert Keanu's "gosh I love movies!" meme here* (Recorded November 2020)Ryan Murphy’s AHS spinoff seriesAmerican Horror Story, Ratched & Six Feet UnderWandaVision release date set for Jan. 15th, 2021“I Love Dick” tv show, Marfa, TX & the glory...
SCORE! Music in Movies
2021 Feb 0951m 12s
We only scratched the surface but don't worry - Brittany still found a way to bring up Almost Famous! (Recorded November 2020)Things we talked about in the episode include:The Queen’s Gambit TV show (2020) and novel (1983)Cuban Chess prodigy from 1922 -...
Writing from Personal Experience 101
2021 Feb 021h 23m 53s
We’re diving deeeeeep. Gird your loins! (Recorded November 2020)Hillbilly Elegy (2020 film and 2016 book by J.D. Vance)Caitlin brings up ~ screenwriting twitter ~ YET AGAIN.A Million Little Pieces (2003 book by James Frey)Why does having a personal...
I Survived: Being a Hollywood Assistant
2021 Jan 2939m 23s
Few things scarier than working for rich, high-powered narcissists! (Recorded November 2020)THR’s article on Hollywood assistants in the pandemic Personal anecdotes on being assistants in entertainment Luddite bosses, boomers, narcs - the works....
Ripped from the headlines!
2021 Jan 0843m 41s
Extra, Extra - read all about it. We’re talking current events and adaptations. (Recorded November 2020)Things we talked about in the episode include:Disney+ Press Release re: subscribersDisney+ Press Release re: restructuringJohn Malone wanted to buy...
We love you, DC.
2020 Dec 1134m 24s
Disclaimer: We love DC Comics! We just have… a lot of questions! Things we talked about in the episode include:The Batman spinoff TV series “Gotham Central” on HBOMax The DC Universe - highs and lowsMarvel Cinematic Universe versus the DC Cinematic...
If music be the food of biopics - green light!
2020 Dec 081h 10m 34s
Surprise! Nelly’s gonna play Chuck Berry... only in Hollywood! Things we talked about include: Breaking on camera and Caitlin’s bad auditionEllen Chenoweth, casting director (True Grit, A Bronx Tale, Meet the Parents, Doubt - the list goes on!) The...
What's in the box?!
2020 Dec 041h 4m 41s
Hey, what gives?! Why do creatives get boxed into corners of the industry? Things we talked about include:Deadpool 3 writers are Bob Burger’s Writer/Producers -  Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin aka The Molyneux Sisters.  Fox animated series -...