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Ep. 15 - Getting Dapper with Rose City Pup
2021 Apr 0617m 13s
Join us here on the pod as we chat with Emily Wells of Oregon's Rose City Pup, a brand that takes cute dog accessories to the next level. Bows, Bowties, Collars, & so much more fill the inventory of this woman-owned brand.
Ep. 14 - Sourcing Treats From Humane & Regenerative Agriculture Farms (Interview with Farm Hounds)
2021 Mar 3025m 25s
This week we chat with Stephen Calsbeek from Farm Hounds about their lines of all natural pet treats, chews, & food toppers that are bound to make your pup drool. Farm Hounds sources their product from small, humane, & sustainable farms throughout the United States, some of which are doing their part to practice regenerative farming. Visit their website and enter the promo code HAPPYBASSET at checkout for 20% off sitewide on your pup's new favorite treats (Single Use Only)
Ep. 13 - What Are Upcycled Dog Treats (Interview with Shameless Pets)
2021 Mar 2330m 14s
Join us as we chat with Alex Waite the co-founder of Shameless Pets, which is a dot treat company that uses upcycled ingredients to produce their lines of tasty, functional, & healthy treats. Visit them at and get your first bags of upcycled treats today.
Ep. 12 - What Does Landfill Biodegradable Even Mean? - Interview with Greenline Pet Supply
2021 Mar 1633m 42s
Join us this week as we chat with Jennifer, the owner, & CEO of Greenline Pet Supply, & is the self-proclaimed Poop Bag Girl of Chicago, IL. We cover the topics some people don't want to talk about as well as the science behind what makes their bags so sustainable & landfill biodegradable.
Ep. 11 - Work, Play, Relax (Interview with Work & Woof)
2021 Mar 0922m 57s
Check out our interview with Austin based Work & Woof, which is a daycare, & dog friendly co-working space. Whether you're looking for a place to answer emails while also answering requests for pets, or you're just looking for a place to drink a beer in the midst of your four legged friends, Work & Woof has all of the options for you.
Ep. 10 - Interview with Redeemer Small Batch (It's The CBD Episode Y'all)
2021 Mar 0243m 25s
Redeemer is a Small Batch CBD company based out of Austin, Tx and it is the product that has us all excited. They have full spectrum CBD for you or your pup, so please visit their website today and use the code HAPPYBASSET15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase.
Ep. 9 - Interview with Ember & Ivory
2021 Feb 1719m 20s
Ember & Ivory is a new woman-owned small business based in Florida that makes beautiful macrame dog toys and leashes. To get yours today become a Happy Basset member or visit their website and use the discount code HappyBasset15 for 15% off your purchase.
BONUS EPISODE: Coffee with Chemn Cafe
2021 Feb 0225m 7s
Join us for our very first Bonus Episode featuring one of my favorite small businesses Chemn Cafe. Monica is the owner/operator of the cafe, and has a lot of insights into what it is like to open up a small business, and she is just as nice as can be. Please visit their social media, and come have a coffee sometime soon.
Ep. 7 - A Pup Above Interview
2021 Jan 1936m 5s
Your dog deserves the best, and you can give it to them by feeding them A Pup Above and their Fresh Cooked Sous-Vide Frozen food. Ruth & Javier have created an amazing brand that is a champion of sustainability and social good. Try them out today by using the discount code HappyBasset15 for 15% off your first Sampler Pack, or HappyBasset25 for 25% off your first delivery with a subscription.
Ep. 6 - Smart Cookie Barkery
2021 Jan 0528m 28s
Join us for our 6th episode as we talk super sustainable, healthy, tasty dog treats with one of our favorite pet brands Smart Cookie Barkery. Bri Bradley & her husband Scott are based out of Golden Colorado, and they are offering some really awesome things to the dog treat world. Thanks for listening.