Abdullah Lucknawi❤
  • Mohammad Abdullah
12 episodes
Abdullah Lucknawi is an character based individual who plays the role of a care free and fun loving human in his quest of life.


ऐ इंसान तू आहिस्ता चल☺
2020 Apr 121m 4s
This is a short description about humans written and voiced by Abdullah Lucknawi;this talks about we humans how we tend to move so fast in our lives and we forget who we are and bring in so many hatred for ourselves through our deeds......
Bundela during lockdown!!
2020 Mar 296m 51s
In this episode Apka dost Apka host is having conversation with Bundela aka Priyanshu who doesnt have any impact of lockdown,do listen and share with others👍
Relatives feeling Lockdown
2020 Mar 285m 45s
In this episode Abdullah Lucknawi is caught in a candid conversation with one of relatives who happens to be from Dubai and is unable to move back to her place due to lockdown do listen the ordeal👍
Lovers during Lockdown!!
2020 Mar 264m 55s
We are in a situation of lockdown and there is a breed in humans called lovers who are on verge of becoming extinct so this special episode is dedicated to all love birds;starring Anushtha Mishra and Abdullah Lucknawi caught in a random conversation with each other.
Meri kahani meri zubani part 2
2020 Feb 173m 51s
Meri Kahani Meri Zubani is a story of Abdullah Lucknawi who wishes to go down his memory lane and shares some of his moments
Guftugu e Maan
2019 May 1211m 21s
A special episode on mothers day....
Kaifi azmi
2019 May 118m 39s
This is about kaifi azmi sahab
Adhi raat kuch baat!!
2019 Apr 309m 44s
This is about discussing some of the pressing issues midnight.
Meri Kahani Meri Zubani!!
2019 Apr 0711m 5s
This Podcast is knowing about who you are as a person.
Mohabbat kya hai?
2019 Apr 041m 46s
This podcast is in reference to the initiative taken by Ek Sakoon to spread Love as a news perspective to their existing mindsets.