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Hello! We're Cryptid Creations. We're just 3 idiots who make cryptids out of weird pictures on the internet! New episodes out every Saturday morning! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cryptidcreations/support


Outtakes Ep. 4: Banana Glove
2021 Apr 1714m 6s
Hi everyone! We didn't have enough time to record anything this week, so here's a bunch of clips from an unused episode we did. Enjoy!
Ep. 20: Sloppy Joe Toppy
2021 Apr 1053m 41s
I don't even know what happened in this one so enjoy. We talked about some really dumb stuff for an hour.
Ep. 19: Beepo
2021 Apr 0346m 58s
This one got REALLY chaotic so I'm sorry! Hope yall have fun with this one!
Outtakes Ep. 3: Five Dollar F**** You
2021 Mar 2814m 34s
Sorry everyone! We had some technical difficulties last week and Kayla's track got corrupted, so I threw together some clips from a few weeks ago. Hope you like it! - William.
Ep. 18: Officer Markus Skid, PhD.
2021 Mar 201h 3m 8s
This week, the gang catches up with each other for the week, then we meet our new favorite road boy Markus, then talk about which foods we shouldn't be trusting farts with.
Ep. 17: Jyrendiwald
2021 Mar 131h 1m 40s
In this weeks episode, we catch up on each others lives this week, then we go on a big ol' deep dive into one of the boys that inspired the whole concept of the show. And boy is he a boy. Hope ya like it!
Ep. 16: Anatoly The House Inspector
2021 Mar 061h 2m 7s
In this episode, the gang meet Anatoly, and talk about which Mandela Effects we think are real, then later on talk about conspiracy theories! Welcome to season 2 everybody!
2021 Feb 2726s
Woops, sorry guys. I know in the description of last weeks episode I said that we'd be back to the regular stuff this week, but we decided to take a small hiatus after wrapping up season. I PROMISE WE'LL BE BACK NEXT WEEK IM SORRRYYYYY
Season 1 Finale: Nigel
2021 Feb 2055m 48s
We did it! We made it to the end of Season One! Thank you to everybody who has listened to the show. It's always a blast to make for you guys. See y'all next week!
Ep. 14: Chug
2021 Feb 1335m 18s
Sorry this episode is much shorter than usual. We'll be back to your regularly scheduled chaos next week!