Happy N Single
  • Joseph Anderson
23 episodes
Do you struggle being happy as a single person? For years, that was me, until I learned that it was just the thought that I had to be married in order to be happy, that was keeping me miserable. Now I’ve gone from single and unhappy to happy and single…Join me on an exploration of the adventure of being single, dating, and much more!


The Secret To Happiness: Hear and Hearken to the Spirit!
2021 Apr 0757m 56s
This is a special LIVE talk I gave for a group of singles from Canada that are members of my faith.
How Much Do I Have To Like Somebody In Order To Go On A With Date Them?
2021 Apr 0451m 8s
Today We explore how we can trust that feeling inside each of us, that intuition that helps get on the right dates with the people that we enjoy and helps us avoid the trainwrecks.
How Do I Get Over A Past Relationship? (part 2)
2021 Mar 2846m 39s
Have you found yourself struggling to get over an awesome relationship and allow something new to enter into your life? Today we continue our exploration on "getting over relationships". Come join us as we look at how it's okay to take your time once you have gotten out of a relationship.
How Do I Get Over A Past Relationship (part 1)
2021 Mar 2155m 51s
Do you find yourself not wanting or even unsure of moving forward in your dating life because of a past relationship. Then this may be a perfect episode for you.  As we get out of relationships, whether they be good or bad, part of our feelings often linger with those relationships and leave us wondering if we are "ready" to move forward and look for new potential dating opportunities.
It's Okay To Be Single, It's Just Part of Your Journey
2021 Mar 1551m 36s
Every one of us will be single at some point in our lives, and what if that were okay? For years of my life I did not feel that I could feel okay because I was single. Today we explore, what if you could honestly find a way to be genuinely happy in your single portion of our journey and what if instead of waiting for your life to begin when you got married, you could just begin today to follow the direction that you are being guided.
What If You Actually Wanted To Date, Instead of Felt Like You Had To Date?
2021 Mar 0855m 49s
Well-meaning people have told us things like you should give everyone a chance, and in the process have made dating feel more of a chore and a task instead of something that we love to do. What if dating was something that we looked forward to almost like we did back when we first started dating and we were so excited to get to go spend time with someone that we really liked. Today we explore how to only date when we want to, instead of feeling like we have to.
How Do I Put Myself Out There… Again?
2021 Mar 0149m 55s
Each of us have to start over again in dating, sometimes by choice and sometimes not by our own choice. Today we explore how to get back out there… again. We will explore how to enjoy the game of dating again, but only saying yes to what you want and no to what you don't want. Come join me and see what you see for yourself!
When You Allow Your Thinking To Settle Down You Begin To See Clearly
2021 Feb 2250m 9s
Especially as single people we can find our thinking getting confused often, we want to try and solve all of our problems at once, however, the only we are able to truly see is to just allow our thinking to settle.
What Would Your Life Be Like If You Just Let Yourself Be Happier?
2021 Feb 1543m 54s
So many of us create so many rules and expectations of what has to happen in each of our lives before we allow ourselves to be happy. Today we explore how happiness is our  innate nature, it is not something we have to pursue, it is something we already have. Join us today to explore how you too can just let yourself be happier in your life.
What Would Happen If You Let Go Of Your Expectations Of What Your Life Was Supposed To Be?
2021 Feb 0846m 43s
Today's episode explores what happens if we let go of our what we thought our life was supposed to be, and just show up to what is currently happening in our life. Also, we explore how we have always been lead or will continue to be lead, if we just let go!