Prepare With ICEBUDDY
  • Pamela Norris
19 episodes
Learn how the ICEBUDDY System technology is the game changer for the global need to be prepared at all times given the increasing number of man-made and natural disasters. ICEBUDDY Systems, Inc. is a technology company focusing on medical, business and personal technology products.


Escaping Domestic Violence
2020 Sep 015m 28s
More than 12 million people are victims of domestic violence in the United States annually. Learn how to pack and use the ICEBUDDY System to escape and survive an abusive relationship.
Evacuate? Pack Light
2020 Jul 261m 56s
ICEBUDDY Systems, Inc., provides vital information for families on how to prepare before, during and after disasters.
Pursuing A Vision
2020 Jun 204m 33s
The Evolution of the Company, ICEBUDDY Systems, Inc.
The Extra Mile
2020 May 043m
ICEBUDDY Systems, Inc. CEO, Pamela Norris had a enlightening conversation in The Hague, Netherlands, at the 2019 GES Global Entrepreneurial Summit. Highlighting one application of the ICEBUDDY System in remote locations. How the QOOLER will go the extra...
Together, We Can Save Lives
2020 Apr 223m 32s
We all have seen on TV and social media during the COVID19 pandemic the global lack of preparedness.  Therefore, there is a need for each of us to protect and prepare our families with the ICEBUDDY System.
Emergency of NOW!
2020 Apr 043m 28s
Learn how U.S. companies have been sounding the alarm for Emergency Preparedness. Present conditions due to the COVID19 pandemic demonstrates the urgent need for emergency preparedness has fallen on deaf ears.
2019 Jun 195m 1s
The World receives it's next life raft.
A Congregational Strategy
2019 Mar 306m 4s
Conducting discussions with congregations to ascertain their needs during disasters.
Collective Memory
2019 Mar 243m 28s
Faith leaders learn that a culture's generational collective memory provides valuable survivabilty lessons.
ICEBUDDY by Women ... For Women
2018 Dec 084m 57s
Learn how the ICEBUDDY System helps to impact and empower the lives of women and families.