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You survived the 90’s, Y2K, the rise of social media, you’ve lived in 4 decades before you’re even 30. And now it’s 2020 and the world might *actually* end. Feeing old AF yet? But hindsight is 2020 (like this year), and maybe things weren’t *quite* what they seemed back then, and so many times, the past informs our present. This is Milleni-old with Brianna, a podcast for millennials to look back, look around and look forward now that our prefrontal cortexes are fully developed. We’ll talk current events, the past, nostalgia, mental health, race and more. Thanks for listening.


Camera flashes of justice?
2020 May 2335m 40s
Be gentle, this is the first pod and working on making audio better next time! Nearly 30 years ago in March 1991, video of the beating of Rodney King was released to the public. This event caused uproar in Los Angeles among citizens fed up with the LAPD’s blatant racism, and became a defining moment in US history. The racist violence we’d known for years was caught on tape and undeniable. 29 years later in March 2020, Ahmaud Arbery was killed by two white racists, the deadly encounter all caught on tape and released 2 months later, also causing an uproar and the eventual arrest of the perpetrators. But we have to wonder, with justice being so delayed and nearly denied, do the cameras still even matter in these racist incidents that seem to repeat themselves throughout our history?
Milleni-Old (Trailer)
2020 Jan 2531s
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