The Geeky Grandma with an Encouraging Nudge
  • Jill McCarthy
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A women's empowerment podcast for empty nester & soon to retire women. Now it is YOUR turn to go for the desires of your heart. Support this podcast:


Shifting Gears - Interview with Richard Haiduck
2020 Dec 2128m 37s
Today's episode is an interview with brand new author Richard Haiduck. Richard Haiduck is a former life sciences executive and mentor. Richard had a dream in his heart to write a book since he was 7 years old.  While that dream stayed hidden for reemerged in his retirement.  After listening to many of his buddies tell about the neat things they were doing in their retirements...Richard decided to collect these stories and fashion them into his first book.  In this episode he shares the stories of three of the women he interviewed and their unique retirement journeys.  I hope this interview sparks some dormant dreams in your heart so that they may be blossomed into fruition as you embark on retirement.  His book is called Shifting Gears, 50 Baby Boomers Share Their Meaningful Journeys in Retirement. His book launched on November 17th, 2020 and it is available in ebook and hardback at all major book selling locations.  Richard also writes a blog about his retirement adventures and can be heard as a guest on several different podcasts.
Growing with Mentors
2020 Oct 0331m 1s
We all start somewhere.  I started quiet, shy, and very insecure. I've been blessed with many mentors along the way.  They have helped and encouraged me in many ways, but ultimately what was always deep inside of me begins to blossoms, and I'm on my way.
Women's Groups is the Place for Me
2020 Sep 0117m 52s
Welcome new listeners.  Do you need encouragement?  Have you spent your entire life and career meeting everyone else's needs?  The kids are flying the coop, and retirement is right around the corner.  How about your dreams? Do you remember them? Would you like to find them once again?  Do you need a group of sisters or like minded women to belong to?  Are you a bit on the quiet side?  Maybe you are an HSP, an Empath, or an Introvert. Well, this is a great place for you.  I love to encourage, inspire, and empower you.  While the message is powerful...the demeanor is gentle.  Just a perfect match for you.
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