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Weekly sermons from The Fellowship Kansas City Church. Each week we take an in depth look at God's Holy Word as we are Multiplying Disciples Together.


RULR | The Victorious Ruler
2021 Mar 2842m 16s
RULR | The Victorious Ruler 1 Samuel 17:1-53 03/28/2021 Join us as Dr. Wesley Vance reminds us that we have a king who confidently goes into battle to save his people from their greatest enemy and that His name is Jesus.
RULR | The Lasting Ruler
2021 Mar 2141m 29s
RULR | The Lasting Ruler 03.21.2021 1 Samuel 16:1-23 Join us as Dr. Wesley Vance reminds us that God’s divine plan to rule cannot be stopped, and that through the selection of David we see that God is fulfilling his ultimate plan of bringing the lasting ruler Jesus Christ.
RULR | The Removal of a Ruler
2021 Mar 1439m 48s
RULR | The Removal of a Ruler 1 Samuel 13-15 03/14/2021 Join us as Pastor Tyler Wilkins teaches us that though earthy rulers will fail and we are unable to deliver ourselves we have one who is victorious and is able to deliver, Jesus Christ.
RULR | Longing For A Ruler
2021 Feb 2845m 13s
RULR | Longing For A Ruler 1 Samuel 8:1-11:15 02/28/2021 Join us as we listen to Pastor Wesley bring us a message that shows us that every one longs for a ruler but there is a choice that must be made for who rules it.
RULR | God’s Rule In Rebellion
2021 Feb 2146m 58s
RULR | God’s Personal Rule 1 Samuel 4:1-7:17 02/21/2021 Listen as Pastor Wesley guides our minds to show us that how we revere God reveals how we fear God which leads to how we hear God.
RULR | God’s Personal Rule
2021 Feb 1540m 40s
RULR | God’s Personal Rule | 1 Samuel 3:1-4:1 02/14/2021 Listen as Pastor Wesley continues our RULR series through reminding us that God simultaneously condemns the wicked and calls out the righteous.
RULR | Darkest Moment
2021 Feb 0739m 24s
RULR | Darkest Moments 1 Samuel 2:12-35 02/07/2021 Listen as Pastor Wesley continues our RULR series by reminding us that God rules in our darkest moments.
RULR | Desperate Moment
2021 Feb 0242m 12s
RULR | Desperate Moment I Samuel 1
Vision Sunday
2021 Feb 0241m 55s
Vision Sunday | Listen as Pastor Wesley preaches through God’s vision for Fellowship Kansas City this year! Habakkuk 2:3 January 24, 2021
Compassion To Care
2021 Jan 1939m 29s
Compassion To Care In Proverbs 3:27-32 the Bible teaches us that we must have compassion to care for our fellow man. In this sermon Pastor Wesley shows Christ-followers that we have 5 choices in how we act towards others. We have a voice of equity towards our fellow man We have a voice of dignity towards our […]
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