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The1v1Podcast (NO SPACES) consists of me and a friend of mine talking about certain topics and arguing back and forth in a comical way with each other. On this podcast, We talk about gaming-related instances such as Gaming controversies, New games/console releases, Fellow gaming content creators, And the future of gaming in general. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the1v1podcast/support


The1v1Podcast Ep59 Topics | Microsoft wants to buy Discord, Call Of Duty going back to World War 2, Back 4 Blood delayed. etc
2021 Mar 271h 31m 47s
In today's episode, we go over Microsoft wants to buy Discord and talk about what would they do if they did get the platform, Also talked about Possible NEW Call of Duty World War 2 being in an alternate timeline, And gave our opinions about Back 4 Blood being delayed until Oct. etc
The1v1Podcast Ep58 Topics | New PSVR controller revealed, Sony buys Evo, do you think games shouldn't have release dates? etc
2021 Mar 251h 43m 50s
In today's episode, we go over Sony's decision on buying EVO and a look at what the PSVR controller will look like. Also we talked about recent games getting pushed back from original release date and should there be a release date on an up and coming game. etc
The1v1Podcast Ep57 Topics | PS5 players won't get Bethesda games, Ps5 is the fastest-selling console, Naughty dog Hires new team for Multiplayer. etc
2021 Mar 131h 31m 36s
We talk about PS5 players might not get a future Bethesda game also sony's PS5 is the hottest selling console right now, and Naughty Dog looking for Devs for Multiplayer longevity.
The1v1Podcast Ep56 Topics |*Short episode*| Well creditable Leaker says BIG PlayStation Games are coming to PC
2021 Mar 0746m 11s
If you can Help Donate to Tracy's GoFundme for a Handicap Transit van that will help him immensely.
The1v1Podcast Ep50 Topics | Xbox increase membership, Microsoft Resurrecting people, Vicarious Visions is Merging with Blizzard. etc
2021 Jan 231h 29m 27s
In Today's topics, we got some interesting ones. Xbox doesn't know how to catch a "W", Vicarious Visions might end up being no more and etc etc.