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The Future is Fungus (feat. Interview with mycologist Christian Schwarz)
2021 Feb 0858m 6s
In our third ever episode, Chelsea K, Chelsea C, Olivia, Emma, and Zoe discuss fungus! Together, we learn about the "wood wide web," plastic-eating fungus, vegan leather, mushroom soup, and super-organisms! Then Chelsea K and Olivia interview Christian Schwarz, a local Santa Cruz mycologist, about how to nurture a passion for fungus!
Digital Brains: A Look Into the Future of Tech
2020 Oct 0322m 35s
Archit, Halle, Olivia, Mikayla, and Nathan discuss the potentials and dangers of Artificial Intelligence (Winter 2020)
Life In Plastic, Not Fantastic
2020 Oct 0334m 16s
Maggie, Sam, Emily, and Giselle explore environmental issues connected to plastic consumption; featuring an interview with UCSC professor Rebecca Braslau! (Winter 2020)
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