Advancing Bitcoin
  • Conor Okus
5 episodes
The Advancing Bitcoin podcast brings you conversations with bitcoin developers and designers to help educate everyday people about this game-changing technology.


Bridging the Gap with Daniel Nordh, Yuval Kogman & Bosch
2020 Dec 0758m 31s
In our final episode, we explore ways to bring open-source bitcoin developers and designers together to build experiences that will sow the seeds for mass adoption. General thoughts on bridging the gap - 6.00How do we prevent builders working in silos?...
Privacy & Payments with Johns Beharry
2020 Nov 3057m 21s
In episode 4, we speak to another Square Crypto grantee, Johns Beharry. Johns focus is on researching Bitcoin payments and documenting good UX patterns for on and off-chain payments.  Johns Background - 1:45Why Johns thinks Bitcoin is important -...
Bitcoin Fundamentals with Patrícia Estevão
2020 Nov 2342m 7s
In episode 3, Patrícia Estevão helps us to understand the importance of user research in Bitcoin. We discuss how user research can help us answer some fundamental questions such as:Who are we building for? Why are we building for them?What problems are...
Imagine Bitcoin 2140 with Alexa Aker
2020 Nov 1642m 10s
In episode 2 we speak to Alex Aker about the Imagine Bitcoin 2140 challenge. The challenge encourages Bitcoiners to envisage what Bitcoin will look like in the year 2140 and express their ideas through art. Can we all be creatives and artists?...
The Bitcoin Design Guide with Christoph Ono
2020 Nov 0142m 56s
In episode 1 we speak to Christoph Ono about The Bitcoin Design Guide, a project being spearheaded by the open-source Bitcoin design community. Christoph’s first experiences with Cryptocurrency - 03:16Transitioning from Monero to Bitcoin - 06:45Crypto...