PTSDish: Surviving Nely
  • Nelyy Silva
5 episodes
Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the U.S each year. As a child do you even know what’s right from wrong? Without knowing since a young age I learned to be resilient to everything that would happen to me, in this podcast I will share a various of traumatic events and how I dealt with it in hopes to make a change. Tune in we might share the same experience.


Not Alone
2020 Nov 1610m 14s
Suicide is real. Thank you everyone for following me on this journey. Hope you enjoy and join me next time in another episode of PTSDish;surviving Nely
Monster pt 2
2020 Nov 0217m 44s
When a child is exposed to abuse, their reaction is often to survive rather than escape. This can lead to a cycle where they become passive to their abuse and may begin to see it as normal behavior. They may also develop feelings of attachment and dependence, which are often the result of a trauma bond. please join me in another segment of PTSDish:Surviving Nely. Don’t own the rights to the Song: Christina Aguilera- I’m ok
Monster pt 1
2020 Oct 2319m 25s
.”One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them” Aldous Huxley. The toughest longest darkest part of my life that I had to turn it into 2 segments. Enjoy this new episode of PTSDish Surviving. Nely
2020 Oct 1612m 42s
Where it all began. Resilience. Strength. And Silence. Please join me in my fight against child sex abuse.
Why a podcast?
2020 Oct 1212m 48s
In this episode I will be introducing myself and giving a brief discussion of what my podcast will be about. Thank you all for listening
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