Friends 'N Freckles
  • Chaya Laber
4 episodes
Hi there! My name is Chaya Laber. I am 12 years old and from Agoura Hills, CA. I was inspired to start this podcast because im interested in getting to know the different types of people in our world. I’m fascinated by their stories, career choices, successes, embarrassing moments and regrets. Its amazing how much we can learn from each other. I want kids my age to know that we have so much opportunities ahead of us and that we actually could learn a thing or two from our old folks : )


Episode #3 featuring Firefighter Craig Terry
2020 Nov 1322m 51s
Craig had been a firefighter for 25 years! In this episode Craig will walk you through the life of a fire fighter🔥🚒. All from his first emergency call, fighting the Woolsy fire, embarrassing moments, regrets, and much more. Hope you enjoy!
Episode #2 featuring LAPD Police Captain Sharyn Buck!
2020 Oct 1228m 16s
In today’s episode you are going to hear some fascinating story’s from a LAPD police captain. So sit back relax and enjoy!
My first episode! Featuring NASA/JPL engineer
2020 Sep 0815m
In this episode you will explore the life of an engineer working for JPL (NASA jet propulsion laboratory🚀)! You will hear some of his funny, embarrassing, and proud moments.
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