• The Empty Chair
15 episodes
The Empty Chair tells the stories of addiction, from the fall to the crash, to the soaring freedom of recovery, by those who have walked the jagged path. Messages of deep despair and, ultimately, hope to light the way of those who want to end their struggles with addiction.


E15 - Shawn and Matt
2021 Apr 011h 6m 30s
Join Cole Welch- Caffrey for another Amazing episode on “The Empty Chair, for The Addict That Didn’t Make It” with our special guest, Shawn D. & Matt D.
E14 - Jesus (No, Not That One)
2021 Mar 1859m 52s
Join me and my co-host Louie Diaz LIVE for a remarkable episode on “The Empty Chair, for the addict that didn’t make it” with our special guest, Jesus Ruiz.
E13- Michelle and Marshall
2021 Mar 051h 8m 36s
After years of reading, family support, education, and counseling in prison he was able to commit to abstinence from drug and alcohol and worked towards his degree in psychology.
E12 - Frank and Louie
2021 Feb 191h 16m 58s
Please join me and my Co-host, Louie Diaz for an episode of "The Empty Chair" with Special Guest, Frank Campos. Frank was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Lawrence, MA. He is a United States Army Veteran. Frank has dedicated his secular career to working in the field of Addictions, having lived the life of addiction himself for 20 years. Frank is also the Pastor at Community Christian Fellowship church in Haverhill MA. Please watch LIVE on MVPASAP Facebook page to hear how he himself has escaped addiction and helped many lives find hope and recovery.
E11 - Jesse and The Red Rooster
2021 Feb 0559m 52s
Join me and "2" AMAZING guests, Jessie & Jason on "The Empty Chair, the LIVE Facebook Event for the addict that didn't make it"...
E10 - Louie and Darryl
2021 Jan 221h 5m 52s
E9 - Ursel and Chelsey for Human Trafficking Awareness Month
2021 Jan 081h 26s
JANUARY is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Join me on "The Empty Chair" a LIVE podcast for the Addict that didn't make it. In this episode, I have "2" Amazing Survivors that will share their experience, strength and HOPE on escaping and surviving the sex trade industry. Hear how these 2 women turned their mess into a MESSAGE of VICTORY and offer an escape to hundreds of individuals that are struggling in the human trade industry and addiction.
E8 - Julie and Tiffany
2020 Dec 181h 7m 34s
A powerful episode to finish out 2020 on the Empty Chair. Here are two stories you do not want to miss. Join Cole and 2 AMAZING guests on "The Empty Chair, the LIVE Podcast for the addict that didn't make it"...
E7 - Lori and Debbi
2020 Dec 041h 5m 23s
Lori started drinking when she was 13 and soon became a daily drinker. After her marriage ended her alcoholism reached an all-time high and brought her literally to death's door.
E6 - Matt Ganem, CEO of Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center
2020 Nov 061h 3m 27s
Please join me and my guest, Matt Ganem, CEO of Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, on The Empty Chair!