• Julie Schuster
9 episodes
Attuned is a podcast series; each series features an in-depth exploration of a facet of the St. Louis artistic and cultural community. Learn about costumes, rehearsals, training regimens, superstitions, fundraising, and more. The inaugural series, hosted by Julie Schuster, investigates the audition process at The Muny, the oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre in the United States.


Cast Me at The Muny - Episode 9
2020 Sep 1822m 49s
Mike Isaacson, the Artistic Director and Executive Producer of The Muny, and Michael Baxter, Artistic Associate of The Muny, sit down for a concluding conversation about the audition process. We discuss the 2020 casting results and what happens going forward, plus speculate about how auditions might change due to the pandemic. Mike and Michael share the unique roles that each of them play during The Muny auditions, as well as their favorite thing about auditions and their three words to describe The Muny.
Cast Me at The Muny - Episode 8
2020 Sep 1119m 50s
Meet Spencer Donovan Jones, native St. Louisan and Muny Teen who is a veteran – at 15 – of ten shows at the Muny and a national tour of The King and I. We talk about his first Muny Kid audition at the tender age of seven, the close bonds of the Muny Kids and Teens, and how Muny auditions are different from others. Spencer shares what he’s been working on during the summer (teaching himself guitar, among other things) and tells us about some of his future projects. We’ll also learn how Spencer prepares for auditions and his best audition advice.
Cast Me at The Muny - Episode 7
2020 Sep 0417m 23s
Meet Leah Berry, a Missouri actor who has been in several Muny productions (as well as in the audience) and performs with other local theatres. We discuss how she prepares for auditions and the importance of being able to sing everything in your book. Leah shares her best audition story, which will make you glad you're not on reality TV, and talks about how her Muny audition experience has changed. We'll hear her three favorite Muny moments and her three words to describe the Muny, and she sums up with her feelings about being onstage at the nation's oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre.
Cast Me at The Muny - Episode 6
2020 Aug 2933m 32s
Meet Michael James Reed, actor and audition coach who has worked in theatre hotspots like London, Los Angeles, and New York and appeared in more than a dozen Muny productions. We talk about about how auditions at The Muny are different, and what Michael did on both sides of the table in 2020. We discuss Michael's background and he shares some of his wisdom on audition choices and preparation, as well as how his approach has changed with maturity. Michael tells us about his favorite auditions and what happened the first time he looked out at a Muny audience, and the conversation concludes with three words to describe The Muny.
Cast Me at The Muny - Episode 5
2020 Aug 2627m 28s
Meet April Strelinger, native St. Louisan and local actor who has performed at The Muny and other area theatres. In our conversation, we discuss April's experience with The Muny and what makes the theatre such a wonderful place, from its unique challenges to that fabled Muny Magic. April shares how she prepares for auditions, including how she deals with nerves and practices self-care, and we hear her best audition story. We learn why it was so special for April to get that first Muny role and she passes along her best audition advice. She takes us through the process from casting to first rehearsal, discusses what makes The Muny special (back to that Muny Magic), and wraps up with three words to describe The Muny.
Cast Me at The Muny - Episode 4
2020 Aug 1219m 27s
Meet Julie Hanson, a local actor who has been in several Muny productions as well as on Broadway. We talk about how Julie prepares for an audition and she shares her craziest audition story - a good lesson about never knowing where an opportunity might lead. We discuss how Muny auditions differ, and what happens after you're cast in a show. Julie offers audition advice and we wrap up with "three words that describe The Muny".
Cast Me at The Muny - Episode 3
2020 Aug 0725m 13s
Greet Michael Baxter, the Artistic Associate of The Muny, and the gatekeeper when it comes to Muny auditions. In our second conversation, we revisit Michael’s Muny auditions, then talk about how the February audition weekend went (huge numbers!). We discuss how the auditions for Muny kids and teens differ from regular auditions, then moved on to what’s happening now (mid-February) in the audition process and what’s coming next. Michael shared some of the complex logistics involved in auditions and the role of each show’s director, musical director, and choreographer in casting. We wrapped up with how good news gets shared and Michael’s favorite thing about auditions.
Cast Me at The Muny - Episode 2
2020 Jul 2917m 2s
Meet Kelsey Krigas, recent college graduate and Muny auditionee. We discuss Kelsey's experience auditioning for The Muny and how she handles the audition process in general. We talked about the concussions Kelsey has suffered. (Note: She did NOT get a concussion during her Muny audition.) Then Kelsey told me what her future might hold and shared some details about a project she's working on with â?? wait for it â?? Sutton Foster.
Cast Me at The Muny - Episode 1
2020 Jul 2930m 31s
Meet Michael Baxter, the Artistic Associate of The Muny, and the gatekeeper when it comes to Muny auditions. After discussing how Michael became a dancer and choreographer, we moved into how his experiences â?? on both sides of the audition tables â?? have helped him craft a safe audition space at The Muny where everyone can be seen. We talked about the specific qualities he looks for during an audition and whether any of those qualities are unique to The Muny's midwestern setting, as well as how auditions have changed over the years. Then Michael discussed the audition and callback process more in-depth, gave some great advice to those who are interested in auditioning for The Muny, and talked about the St. Louis and Broadway talent with ties to this St. Louis treasure.
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