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We just a bunch of average Joe's giving honest opinions about sports & current events.


" Bubble Season" (8-3-2020)
2020 Aug 0359m 41s
On this episode we discuss NBA season opener, Lakers vs Clippers, Vado/ Tahiry fight, Trevor Kelce dumb for cheatings, Dating, worse dates & more.
Sunday Special - “Best NBA Point Guard Of All Time Debate” (6-28-2020)
2020 Jun 2842m 27s
On This Sunday Special we discuss best NBA point guards of all time, in this debate no active player will listed only retied point guards.
2 Mad Geniusez Podcast - "Open Topic" 6-24-2020)
2020 Jun 251h 1m 22s
On This episode we discuss Bubba Wallace Nascar noose incident, MLB is back, Breakfast club got destroyed  by Angela Stanton
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