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The Stage Dad is a podcast about one man's journey to becoming a dad for the first time whilst juggling work in the arts industry. Listen as he learns how to be/not to be a dad, as he documents his family’s progress, and chats with other dads about their own dad discoveries!


9 - Naaaaaaaants ingonyama it's Winston Hillyer!!!
2020 Nov 1943m 57s
In today’s episode...
8 - The 'It would be a sin to stop an angel from singing' Dad
2020 Nov 051h 36m 41s
DISCLAIMER: Today's episode talks about miscarriage and birth trauma. Skip over the section or give this ep a miss if it is triggering.
7 - The Rainbow Family Dad
2020 Oct 2351m 12s
Apologies for the audio issues in this week's ep.. someone (me) forgot to check my mic level before pressing record (what an idiot). Forgive me!
5 - The Dad-bod-and-bald Dad
2020 Oct 081h 9m 13s
In today’s episode…
4 - The Scrawny Cow Dad
2020 Oct 011h 8m 26s
DISCLAIMER - This episode contains discussions around miscarriage and mature language.
3 - Three Men and a Baby
2020 Sep 2446m 38s
It’s all about the science and I have Dr. Aryanto Sudarmana and Legal Drug Dealer aka Pharmacist, David Vien joining me on the pod
2 - Still The Early Stages But Slightly Calmer Stage Dad
2020 Sep 1720m
Hello and welcome to episode 2!
1 - The Early Stages Stage Dad
2020 Sep 1727m 49s
The Stage Dad Trailer
2020 Sep 1429s
Trailer! First ep drops Friday, September 18 2020