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A show where we review movies we haven't seen. Really.


Episode 29: Coming 2 America
2021 Mar 2514m 18s
One of the best comedies of 80's gets a modern makeover. Will it live up to the original? How many babysitters does Eddie Murphy need for his 8 kids? All these questions and more answered.
Episode 28: Mortal Kombat
2021 Mar 2211m 4s
Get over here! And listen to our podcast. Our childhood classic is finally reimagined how it should be: super gorey and violent. Get our take on the upcoming (Very R Rated) "Mortal Kombat".
Episode 27: Godzilla vs. Kong
2021 Mar 186m 18s
We love monsters. We don't really care about the people on the ground. Whether it's Transformers or Godzilla, just give us more big monster fights guys.
Episode 26: Willy's Wonderland
2021 Mar 1517m 24s
Usually when an actor falls from grace we feels bad. Somehow Nick Cage makes it enjoyable for everyone, himself included. Hop on board our journey to the Re-EnCagement with Willy's Wonderland.
Episode 25:Outside the Wire
2021 Feb 0510m 48s
Extraction with robots? We should love this movie! Or should we? Netflix's latest big budget action flick comes into our crosshairs.
Episode 24: Best of 2020
2021 Feb 0335m 56s
2020 wasn't the best year, but it did have some great movies, videogames and tv shows. Check in for our favorites on this week's episode.
Episode 22: The 355
2020 Nov 188m 52s
This movie looks equal parts action-packed and generic. But Jessica Chastain is dope so maybe we'll maybe give it a watch.
Episode 21: News of the World
2020 Nov 116m 8s
Who's the Captain now? Looks like it's Tom Hanks again. Also looks like Tom has jumped the shark a bit. We'll talk about how much we hate Cowboy Hanks in this episode.
Episode 20: Free Guy 2
2020 Nov 0412m 4s
If you don't know yet, we all have man crushes on Ryan Reynolds. Did we need a 2nd trailer, absolutely not. Did we WANT one? Absolutely. Just shut up and take our money already.
Episode 23: Assassins' Creed Valhalla..
2020 Oct 2813m 10s
Word of advice: if you're going to make a movie about upcoming movies, make sure there are movies that are coming up. Corona hit and now movies may never exist again. So being the entrepreneur's we are, we decided to expand into videogames. Get ready...