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A podcast for the creative outcasts. How it feels to be a creative in today's world and first hand unsolicited advice from a uni drop out lol. New episode every Tuesday, a new artist shout out every week. A safe space for all creatives, let's be friends!


How To Be More Creative
2021 Mar 0931m 11s
In this week's episode of Even The Losers, Katy gives her insight into how she allows herself to be more creative & some tips on how you can increase your creativity. This week's artist shout out goes to Sanny, a Melbourne based musician: Instagram:...
I'm a Moody Artist
2021 Mar 0122m 36s
Welcome into the new year! In this episode Katy opens up the conversation about creative people and their brain functionality. She talks about why creatives are often depicted as moody characters & also discusses how mental health is depicted in art.
I'm Motivated by Fear
2020 Dec 2217m 48s
In this week's episode Katy discusses dealing with criticism as a creative, how she uses fear as motivation and her decision to drop out of university.
Being an Artist
2020 Dec 1618m 34s
In this week's episode, Katy chats about some of her artistic inspirations/idols and how they've shaped her. She explains how she feels about colour, its relationship to emotion & the intensity of using/not using colour in her art. She also touches...
Imposter Syndrome (are you a perfectionist?)
2020 Dec 0820m 15s
Feeling like an imposter? You're not alone! In this week's episode, Katy talks about not feeling worthy of calling yourself an artist, the struggles of being a perfectionist how she works through these feelings. She also touches on the difference...
Trust Your Intuition!
2020 Dec 0129m 43s
Your intuition is your gift! Katy talks about how to follow your intuition & your dreams and how to stay motivated. She breaks down her process of achieving goals and briefly sheds light on the 'Five Second Rule', by motivational speaker &...
Social Media Sucks (Sometimes)
2020 Nov 2437m 52s
Katy talks about the pressure of being active on social media as an artist, how to deal with irrelevant critics, the importance of art & the power it holds in the world and her experience with feeling different to others. Plus, she talks about what...
Even the Losers
2020 Nov 194m 33s
Welcome to the very first episode of the Even the Losers podcast! Just a quick intro to explain my vision for the podcast & what you can expect in future episodes. A podcast for creatives & artists to feel understood & accepted! Even the...
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