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  • Patrick Baker
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A Podcast to impact,influence and encourage you with laughter and real content.


Trusting God.......
2020 Sep 0723m 24s
In life we go through difficult seasons, where we struggle with trusting God. . This week we will share some of our challenges with trusting God.
2020 Jun 2627m 35s
On Today's episode we are going to be talking about identifying temptation, overcoming it, and so on and so forth. Grab your popcorn and come along for the ride.
Black in America 2020!
2020 Jun 0329m 26s
2020 and we still are dealing with Racism in America. We wanted to take the time and share our thoughts from our perspective on the recent events.
Parenting Series " Discipling in Difficult Times"
2020 May 2125m 30s
As we continue our parenting series, we want yall to be encouraged during this quarantine season. There is no such thing as a perfect parent but we are all in this together.
Parenting Series "A Life Worth Honoring"
2020 May 0124m 4s
Honor is not giving it's earned, what does it look like to live a life that's worth honoring to your kids?
Stimulus Madness
2020 Apr 1715m 41s
People have started receiving their stimulus checks. On this weeks episode we are going to talk about what we plan to do with ours. Also share some advice we have learned over the years. Lol again we are not money experts do what you want!
What's your Love Language?
2020 Apr 1119m 52s
Love Languages are vital not just for marriage but relationships in general!
2020 Apr 0251s
This is a podcast to impact, influence, and encourage. With laughter and real content, we will be talking about a bunch of different topics. So stay plugged in to see what's next.
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