• Simon Marshall & Trevor Marshall
4 episodes
Making theology accessible to the non-theologian. We like to say that we're all theologians now. More details, study guides and episode transcripts available on www.talking-god.org


Talking God - Episode 4
2020 Dec 0431m 43s
Why does it matter what colour the grass is? How can we rely on the Bible to reveal God to us, when we are surrounded by so much misinformation, 'fake news' and 'alternative facts'? Listen in to find out more.
Talking God - Episode 3
2020 Nov 1924m 18s
How does God make himself known to us? What do we mean when we say that scripture is 'God-breathed'?
Talking God - Episode 1
2020 Nov 1719m 30s
What is theology, and why should it matter to everyone, not just theologians?
Talking God - Episode 2
2020 Nov 1728m 35s
In Episode two we discuss why theology matters - not just as an academic subject for theologians, but for everyone who believes.
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