House On Wheels
  • Edward
3 episodes
The House On Wheels Podcast with your host Edward, here we’ll be talking about everyday real life shit that I go through and other topics that pop into my head.


Used grill in yo mouth
2019 Dec 0443m 38s
In this episode I get into having shitty roommates, used permanent grills, weed shtuff and plenty more.
Home Sweet Home
2019 Aug 3141m 41s
Hey guys I’m back at it again with episode 2 of House On Wheels, I’ve been gone for sometime but now I’m back. Living in a different city, finding new opportunities for growth in life and creating my own ideas.
Sleeping In Cars With Noise
2019 May 2434m 33s
The first episode ever of House On Wheels Podcast, here I talk about my experiences on when I moved to the Bay Area and some of the things I’ve learned throughout the 2 and a half years I’ve been on my own. Sit back, strap that seatbelt on and get ready for the ride.
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