The Sisters, Friends & Guests Podcast
  • Three Black women.
7 episodes
A podcast for Black women, about Black women by Black women. Join the conversation. We are black women in conversation with other black women. Talking about, and opining on all things black womanhood. Sharing our journeys and learning from each other. Sisters, Friends, and Guests is a podcast where we bring those conversations to you.


Navigating the Workplace with Yvonne Nyabango and Dr Mariam Adegoke
2020 Nov 0242m 5s
Continuing the women in leadership series, this episode focuses on achieving success in the workplace. During this conversation we will discuss the challenges that black women face at work, and share ideas on how to overcome these. Guests Yvonne Nyabango and Dr. Mariam Adegoke share steps that we can use to not only take control of our careers but to also help us advance into senior leadership positions.
Episode 4: Leading an NGO in Uganda with Hope Okeny
2020 Oct 2630m 25s
In this episode we are in conversation with Hope Okeny; learning about her role as the Director of Karin Community Initiatives Uganda; an NGO that she has lead since the late 90s.
Episode 3: Leading Black Women
2020 Oct 1936m 2s
Leading Black Women
Episode 2: Entrepreneurial Leadership with Cecilia Makinde
2020 Oct 1229m 47s
In this episode we speak with Cecilia Makinde about her journey to self employment as a life coach and leading by example.
Episode 1: Mentoring, the path to leadership with Karen Lanlehin
2020 Oct 0540m 19s
In the very first episode of SFG, we are in conversation with Karen Lanlehin, Business Change Practitioner and Equality & Diversity Manager talking about the importance of mentoring. Karen strongly believes in the power of mentoring and coaching for career and professional development. In fact, Karen spearheaded an inclusive mentoring programme designed to break down the barriers to progression at her organisation, particularly for people from BAME groups. Karen shares with us some really good tips on why and how to get a mentor.   Email us with your feedback at Connect with us: Instagram: @sfg_pod Twitter: @sfgpod
Episode 0: Introducing The Sisters, Friends & Guests Podcast
2020 Oct 046m 35s
We are black women in conversation with other black women.
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